General Hospital Spoilers: Mystery Solved – Directions of Gail Baldwin’s Will Unveiled, What It Means For Port Charles’ Future and Meanings You Might Have Missed

General Hospital Spoilers: Mystery Solved - Directions of Gail Baldwin's Will Unveiled, What It Means For Port Charles' Future and Meanings You Might Have Missed

General Hospital spoilers relate that it was time for reminiscing today, as the people of Port Charles gather to find out the mystery directions from Gail Baldwin’s will. It’s also a celebration of 56 years on air for General Hospital, so if you missed the General Hospital spoilers, catch up with your General Hospital recap. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Mystery Solved – Directions of Gail Baldwin’s Will Unveiled, What It Means For Port Charles’ Future and Meanings You Might Have Missed

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has gathered everyone Gail requested: Laura Webber (Genie Francis), Lesley Webber (Denise Alexandar), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), Julian Jerome (William deVry), Mac and Felicia Scorpio (John J. York and Kristina Wagner), Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman), Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Maurice Bernard and Laura Wright), and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Scotty wonders who Gail didn’t invite. Alexis asks if he’s ready in response, and he’s not sure if he ever will. She explains that each person has a piece of the original hospital blueprint they’ll be using to find a second envelope, that will have their name on it. We’re with Monica in thinking that’s a little odd, as the hospital’s changed a lot over 50-plus years, which earns her a snarky “Are you afraid of a challenge?” from Lesley. They’re up for the task, and Maxie can’t wait to go on a scavenger hunt. 

Everyone heads off in search of their envelope, but they all run into each other along the way. Lesley and Monica end up in the locker room, where they each find theirs. Along the way, they reminisce about the old days and snark on each other for being a “slut” and an “earth mother”. And really… is there anything better than grumpy older characters on these shows?

Bobbie finds hers by where Felicia’s was hidden, tucked behind some pictures on what we assume is a tribute wall. Fitting, it seems, as this leads them to reflect on their daughters, and how Bobbie’s ended up saving Maxie’s life. They agree that there have been a lot more wins than losses, and those should be celebrated. Excuse us while we take care of something that got in our eyes… 

Scotty gets help from Laura in finding his. They remember some of their old days, and how Gail was the reason he and Laura met, and how they were lucky to stay friends after all these years. He asks what she thinks is in the envelope, but she just answers that with another question. He says he wants it to be a letter from her with advice on how to go on. 

Later, he comes across Franco and helps him to search as Franco apologizes for the Not-Kevin trap. He also says he feels bad about how he hasn’t been keeping up his end of the father/son thing, but Scott says he’s just a chip off the old ingrate. He never appreciated Gail and Lee when he was younger, and took them for granted. He promises that he is always going to be there for Franco, and we can’t right now. Very touching moment. 

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Lucy is searching her old Nurse’s Ball outfits when Monica finds her. Lucy is in love with all her old clothes, and remembering the past events. While they talk, Lucy finds something that belonged to Alan and asks if Monica would like to have it, as she’s thinking of selling off other stuff from past balls to raise funds for charity (along with all her old outfits). Monica accepts it, and obviously is moved.

Sonny and Laura come across each other in the chapel, where they talk about the past and their shared issues with mental illness. They’re grateful for this place, because it was a huge help to them both. 

Maxie and Mac bond over her transplant by where there were vending machines they’d get food from after she had a plastic surgeon follow up. She’s grateful to him for letting her get rid of the scar and not be the “transplant kid” and he’s grateful to have turned into a suburb dad. 

Also bonding are Bobbie and Elizabeth, who are searching an exam room. She tells Bobbie that Audrey wasn’t the only reason she wanted to be a nurse. She says that Bobbie’s treatment of her after a rape inspired her to want to do the same, and Bobbie’s glad she played a part in that. 

Meanwhile, Sonny sees a memorial plaque to Stone as he performs his search. Seriously, the feels this episode is bringing out. He eventually makes his way to where Carly and Bobbie are. Bobbie, who’s just learned about the pregnancy, congratulates them. Before that, she offers some encouragement to Carly, who wants to go through with it, no matter the risks. Bobbie just wants her to be sensible. Ha! Like, by not chasing leads of former serial killers? #justsaying 

Matchmaker from beyond?

Alexis and Julian also get some alone time while on their search. He’s surprised to learn that she’d spoken about him to Gail, and they have a moment where he seems to come on to her. He hints that maybe Gail knows Alexis better than she knows herself. 

Laura’s envelope turns out to be in what’s now the chapel. Kevin arrives and finds his envelope in the same place. Lucy thinks maybe he’s exactly where he needs to be before leaving. Laura and Kevin reminisce, and she says that no matter what happens, she’ll never forget some of their best times, no matter what happens. He won’t ever forget how she said yes to his proposal. She takes some time to sit and reflect after Kevin leaves, and Lesley soon joins her to reminisce about Laura’s younger days and tell Laura how proud she is of what Laura’s become.


After a lot more bonding and reminiscing between Lucy and Kevin, Bobbie and Scott, and Lesley and Monica, they’ve all found their envelopes and gathered back where they started as specified. They’re a little surprised that they all contain glitter. Alexis reads off a letter from Gail, talking about how she wanted them to come back to the place they shared, and tells them to cherish all the great times to come as she cherished them. It ends with a montage of old clips playing, hinting at some of the moments they talked about.