‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Week of March 11-15: Verdict Is In, Big Courtroom Drama On Display + JT Crawls Out Of His Grave!

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers relate that courtroom drama at its finest is what we are going to see on the Y&R this coming week. Victoria is going to be incredibly nervous, along with Nikki and Sharon. Their anxieties will grow as the verdict in the case is read this week. We know that this verdict is going to catch them off guard. A big courtroom shocker will happen this week! We have heard that this is a twist like no other and J.T. will have something to do with it. What? J.T. back from the dead? That’s what we heard!

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Verdict Is In, Courtroom Drama On Full Display

It does look like J.T. may be coming back from the dead. Was his death a cover up or a fake? What really happened? Thad Luckinbill who plays J.T. told Soap Opera Digest that he couldn’t be more excited about coming back to the show. The writers on the show have been changing, and they wanted to bring his character back and bring a lot of drama back with him! This story line has been on the Young and the Restless for about a year now and we know fans are extremely excited to see him returning and where the story will go. We are really looking forward to the drama that is about to unfold. 

When the writers changed, this story line was not always in the works. The show’s writers looked at what had been popular and what characters were causing quite a stir, and they found out that J.T. is one of them. This is only one of the reasons that they asked him back; the other is to shake things up a bit on the show. When the characters on the show see that he is back and with this verdict, heads will surely roll!

There are rumors floating around that we will get to see J.T.’s sinister side again and we may even get to see the evil twin plot in flashbacks. 

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We know that we are really excited about J.T.’s return, but we do have some questions that we hope will be answered sooner than later. For instance, how does he come back from the dead? Will we see him crawling out of the grave or did he even die at all? Will we learn how he faked his death or will it be his evil twin? There is so much to look forward to this week on the Young and the Restless.

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