‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Week of March 11-15: Superman Jason Saves Ava From Certain Death, But Too Late To Saves Carly’s Baby?

‘General Hospital’ spoilers for the week of March 11-15 indicate that this week on ABC’s hit soap, watchers are in for some serious drama! We will see a lot of Jason this coming week and he will be saving a lot of people’s lives! We always felt he was a little like Superman, and he will now put his super powers on full display. Here’s everything you need to know.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Week of March 11-15: Superman Jason Saves Ava From Certain Death, But Too Late To Saves Carly’s Baby?

Jason will start with Ava. We saw her falling off the footbridge with Ryan. Rumor has it that Jason is the one who will save her life. Jason will make sure that she is fine, and then all eyes will be on Carly. 

Jason will find Carly in a horrible situation. She will be alive, but barely holding on. She will be rushed to the hospital and have many treatments to try and save her and the baby. From what we have heard, General Hospital spoilers tell is that Carly will learn if the baby will make it or not very soon. We are pulling for her and the baby!

There will be even more drama with Liz. She is starting to have more concerns about Franco and his secrets. This is part of why their marriage is very rocky right now. Liz does find out that Franco has nothing to do with the latest murders in t own, but she is still finding it incredibly difficult to trust him. Jordan has been a huge part of why Franco is keeping secrets from Liz and soon, we think that these secrets will all catch up to him and Liz will have the marriage annulled. We do love the juicy secrets though!

Brad and Willow will soon be at it again, which is not a great idea for Brad since Willow knows all about the baby swapping scheme. Speaking of fake babies, there will be more drama and tension with Sasha and Valentin. They will start to have concerns about their own fake daughter plot.

There are rumors that Anna may soon get a very special visitor. Who will it be? Andre Maddox is what all of the spoilers are pointing to. We are excited to see if it is him and what will happen with these two? There is so much drama unfolding on General Hospital next week! The best bet is that Andre will be back to see Anna and Liz will call it quits with Franco, but we never know. There always seems to be a good twist in the world of soap operas. Be sure to watch this week to see what happens.

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