‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Monday March 11 Update: Ding Dong, the Ryan Is Dead, GH Fans Rejoice With Collective Sigh of Relief

‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that ding dong, Ryan is dead, the evil killer’s dead! (Everybody sing!) Or at least that’s what everybody thinks after Ryan throws himself and Ava over the falls. Jason get there in time to save Ava, but it looks like Ryan is done for. (Although, let’s not presume anything until someone finds a body, please!) Jason and Laura breathe a sigh of relief, but Ava is grief-stricken and will probably be hell-bent on revenge now. Well, considering she just lost her daughter and now the man she loves, we can’t really blame her line of thinking—though we sure do question it. Geeze Ava, you could do a lot better! Ava won’t be the only one that Jason ends up saving on Monday. Poor, pregnant Carly can’t scale a wall and will lose a battle with consciousness in the process, fortunately Jason will get there in time to save her.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ding Dong, the Ryan Is Dead

Meanwhile, Jordan is still in need of a kidney transplant, Stella makes the comment that Jordan just needs a little bit of Stella in her and offers to get tested to see if she is a match for a kidney transplant. TJ also offers to get tested and it looks like he may just be the match that they’re looking for. (Yay!) Even though Elizabeth and Franco shared a warm reunion after he woke up from surgery, it seems that its time to face the music now. Elizabeth knew nothing of his plans with Jordan about the murder case and she will not be able to move past this means to an end that Franco helped facilitate, she is still reeling from the agony he put her through and its understandable. Franco will want to do anything he can to repair the relationship.

Alexis will have a rather hot dream about Julian Jerome and be tempted to fall off the wagon and drink. She will get support from Dr. Hamilton Finn, who finds the empty bottle while Alexis is still (fortunately) sober, he knows she dumped out the liquor but wonders what on earth tempted her so much. She has also been talking to her therapist, a certain Dr. Neil Byrne, but right now she could really just use a friend. That’s what Finn is there for.

In Turkey, Sonny tells Robert Scorpio that he wants to talk to Raj Patel face-to-face, but Robert cautions him about going in there with guns blazing, that it may not be the right move if he doesn’t want to endanger Dante’s life. Spoilers say that Dante is still alive, but we will see by the time his Dad gets finished, won’t we? Stay tuned!!!

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