‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Just Who Is Nurse Amy (Risa Dorken)? Light Shed Over Mysterious GH Character Confusion

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‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Nurse Amy started appearing on General Hospital in 2016 and since then, fans have been slightly confused about her role. The confusion is mostly coming from those who watched the show in the 80’s. There was a nurse Amy Vining on those episodes of General Hospital, but this Amy is a completely different character. Nurse Amy Driscoll does have a lot in common with the Amy from the 80’s though. They are both pretty spunky and they both have a lot of love for hospital drama.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Just Who Is Nurse Amy? Light Shed Over Mysterious GH Character Confusion

Amy Driscoll was first shown at the hospital chatting away with Maxie. We later find out that these two women went to high school together. It seems that they have had drama before when Amy wanted to be on the cheerleading squad and Maxie had other plans for her. She also went to high school with Dillon. 

It seems that nursing doesn’t pay all the bills, so Amy decided to write an advice column for extra money. It is called Ask Man Landers. She was offered a book deal based on her column and she knew that she needed a man to be the face on the book. She asked Nathan to help her and he did agree. They spent quite a bit of time together during this time and there were definitely sparks flying between the two of them. This actually caused some trouble with his marriage to Maxie. Nurse Amy was caught in a lot of drama. 

Ever since then, we haven’t seen too much of Nurse Amy. She is still on the show as a recurring role and we have seen her taking care of patients here and there. We saw her recently on the show taking care of Franco after Ryan had stabbed him. 

We personally really like Nurse Amy and we hope she does stay on the show! We would love to see her gain more fame and popularity from her book and perhaps have a big love interest storyline. We are not sure what the writers of General Hospital have planned for her, so we will continue to cheer for her. We do know that wherever Nurse Amy is, there will be some gossip, for sure. She does a great job on keeping the gossip going at the hospital, but she also does a great job helping patients and being a one of a kind nurse to them. 

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