‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers Wednesday, March 13 Update: More Diana Mischief – Leo Drops Major Bomb On Brady, Tells Him They Are Brothers

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers update for Wednesday, March 13 relate that Tripp is worried about Haley, considering she just got arrested. He fears that she will soon be deported. He is also wondering how Eve and Jack found out about Haley, he thought things were safe as houses at the loft for her. So did Claire—or so it seems. Tripp is rightfully suspicious of Claire and confronts her about the arrest, thinking that maybe she had something to do with it. But as usual, Claire puts on a spectacular performance and doesn’t admit to knowing anything. Eve? Jack? Who’s that? Arrest? That word isn’t in her vocabulary, how dare you! Her song and dance doesn’t fool Tripp, though, especially when Ciara brings up all of Claire’s past wrongs and how she has been guilty of scheming before.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers:

JJ goes to Justin for help about Haley and Justin agrees to take the case but he warns JJ not to get his hopes up, because the the night is dark and filled with terrors—wait, wrong show! Rather, because the case won’t be an easy one. Justin doesn’t have much hope of getting Haley out of this mess, but he will assure JJ that he’s definitely going to give it his best shot.

You have to feel for JJ at this point, his Dad betrayed him and now he’s just been told that he may not be able to save the girl that he has feelings for after all—yikes! Not to mention he seems to be getting a run for his money in the romance department from Tripp Dalton with his girl. Tripp may be with Claire now, but he obviously wants to save Haley just as much as JJ. It’ll be interesting to see where this lands!

Brady will get a bomb dropped on him by Leo when Leo tells him of his paternity and informs him that they could very possibly be brothers! Brady is in shock and can’t believe it. You can be willing to bet that he’ll be grilling John soon enough about this little revelation. John will most likely back up Leo’s claims but spoilers say that Diana could have changed those test results to something more favorable to her liking, and if she did, what will that mean for John and the boys? Stay tuned!!!

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