‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Haley Framed For Attempted Murder? Diana’s Evil Deeds To Have Unexpected Ramifications

Days of Our Lives Spoilers relate that Marlena just can’t get a break these days! Diana Cooper has a lot to do with it too. Diana learned that Marlena has a severe allergy to penicillin and now she is using this to her advantage. She has wanted Marlena out of the picture for quite some time and now, it could be happening. Diana baked Marlena some cookies that contain a lot of penicillin. She placed them on her desk, while she was away, and signed the card from Haley. Haley has many reasons to thank Marlena so the cookies won’t come as much of a surprise to Marlena. We have seen spoilers that show Marlena eating the cookies and falling onto the floor due to her allergic reaction. Things look bleak from what we have seen.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shocking Marlena Drama

John and Leo will have a great talk this week after Leo found John stealing from the safe. He found some evidence that could be very incriminating. John will talk to Leo about dropping the charges on Sonny and Will. John will mention Diana to Leo too and her paternity claims. Leo seems to be very accepting of what John has to say to him. He will make his way to see Will and Sonny. 

We’ve also heard some rumors that Claire’s secrets may start to come out. We all know she has quite a few of them, so we will see what will get exposed this week. She is trying to keep one major secret about trying to kill Ciara. This could put Claire in jail and she could be there for a long time. Many of Claire’s secrets have started to eat her up inside, so we are looking forward to seeing what secrets get exposed this week. 

Watching this week will show us quite a bit of drama and we are thrilled about it! We hope that Diana does not complete her scheme to get Marlena out of the picture, but things don’t look so good for her right now. This week on Days of Our Lives is sure to be one for the record books! Just keep watching to see what happens to Marlena and if John can truly help Will and Sonny. We hope that we learn more about this incriminating evidence too! Things are really starting to heat up now! 

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