‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Gets Over Thorne Heartbreak In Heartbeat, Makes Next Step With Bill

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‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers relate that Steffy makes a stunning revelation to Liam and Hope about her plans in the near future; Dona and Justin engage Sally and Wyatt in their match-making plans for Bill and Katie. Here’s what you need to know.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Gets Over Thorne Heartbreak In Heartbeat, Makes Next Step With Bill

At Liam’s house – Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) calls Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) to come together with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to her house. Liam and Hope don’t understand why Steffy wants to talk to them.

At Katie’s office – Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and her sister Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) are talking about Will Spencer (Finnegan George) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). They seem to get along well together. Donna finds that Katie looks very glamorous today and asks her if she has plans to see someone special today. Katie says out loud that she’s not trying to seduce her ex husband, if this is what Donna believes.

Donna can’t believe that it’s a coincidence that Katie looks glamorous today when Bill’s gonna meet her. Maybe she’s falling in love, but she just doesn’t know it yet. Katie’s thrilled with how he handled his fatherly duties recently, but nothing else changed between them. She and Bill were married twice and neither time worked out.

Donna knows for sure that there’s a part of her that wishes to reconcile with Bill. It would be the smartest thing she could do, Donna tells her. She hopes that they get together again. Katie knows Donna loves a good love story but her life’s not a romance novel.

It could be, in Donna’s opinion. Donna leaves and Katie receives a phone call to remind her to go to Il Giardino restaurant to meet Brooke.

At Bill office – Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears), Bill, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and  Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) are talking about Sally’s revival fashion line.

Justin tells them that everything it’s ok, just a few things need to be sorted out. Things are moving slowly but surely. Bill is focusing his attention on his son Will and Katie lately.

Wyatt is ok if he spent more time with Will and Katie. Bill says that himself and Katie are proud parents of a fantastic kid and that’s where it ends. They are all saying that they believe him 100%.

Bill says that Katie and himself have a mutual admiration and respect for each other and they are doing a good job of raising their kid, and that’s where it stops. Sally and Wyatt tell him that he could make a family for them and Will. Katie’s not interested in that relation. She just got rid of her ex husband and she wants a little bit of space.

Justin tells him that he made the good decision to reunite his family. First with Liam and Wyatt and why not not with Katie and Will. It would be a good decision. Katie and Will are his family as well and it’s where he belongs. Bill leaves because he has to meet the mayor at Il Giardino restaurant.

Donna arrives and said she has a good news. She just been to Katie’s office and she thinks there’s a possibility that her sister and Bill reconcile together. Donna realized that Katie is in her way to the same restaurant as Bill.

At Steffy house – Steffy’s alone when Liam and Hope arrived. They asked her if something’s wrong. She has news that will affect not only her self but them also.

Steffy told them she’s heading to Europe for a long period of time and she’s taking the girls with herself. She will work for International in Paris and also she will go to different other country. She will be ok because she’s taking the baby sitter with her as well as her mother. Steffy will miss them and she hopes that the separation with the girls will help Hope to heal her pain. She thinks it’s good for Hope to have some space. Leaving now it’s the best decision for all of them. Hope should focus on her life and her marriage to Liam. She makes Hope understand that she can’t push Liam to stay with her.

She don’t wants that and Liam wants to be with herself. She hopes they will not have this conversation when she will be back. Hope should take this time to heal and make more powerful her relation with Liam. She should try to rebuilt her family, is Steffy telling her.

At Il Giardino restaurant – Bill’s sitting at the table alone when Katie arrived. He didn’t met the major and Brooke’s not there also, so Bill invite her to sit at his table.

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