‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Thursday, February 7: Seed of Doubt Planted – Ryan’s Puppeteering of Franco Activates Grieving Mother’s Rage

‘General Hospital’ spoilers for Thursday, February 7 impart that Ava Jerome (Maura West) is going to lose her mind over the Port Charles Police Department finding Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) guilty of attacking Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan). Elsewhere, Franco will threaten to sue the PCPD for the mistake they’re making while Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) is told to help his son Franco who has recently been put under arrest. For all this and more, read the spoilers below and watch the teaser video at the end to find out exactly what’s happening on GH this coming Thursday.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers Thursday, February 7: Franco Baldwin Threatens PCPD, Seed of Doubt Planted In Ava’s Head – How Will She React?

GH spoilers impart that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is indeed playing the Port Charles Police Department, and the whole town for that matter, like a bunch of puppets. It’s hard to fathom that his plan would work so well because, after all, he’s had to do quite a lot of different things involving a bunch of different skills, like hypnosis, that not many people knew he had; alas, Ryan is a real criminal mastermind, and he’s pulling all the strings, there’s no denying that at this moment.

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The one unexpected twist in all of this is that Ava has been clamouring to find her Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) slayer these past few weeks, and her rage has reached boiling point just recently. We can simply jot the whole thing down to a happy coincidence of circumstances, but it seems like the PCPD is now providing her with a target for her extreme anger and pain. How is she going to react towards Franco? Is she truly going to believe that he murdered her daughter in cold blood? It doesn’t seem likely, but a  mourning mother blinded by the thirst for revenge could be made to believe pretty much anything. And we do know that Ava has quite the mean, not to say murderous, streak in her as well. This whole situation could turn uglier for Franco before it gets better.

But despair not Franco fans, it’s highly unlikely that he can be framed for ever. The main question is whether Franco is going to be framed long enough for A) Ryan to commit his next lethal act and B) For Ryan to build an escape plan with Ava. The problem with B is that it’s related to the angry mother’s thirst for revenge, and if Ava somehow manages to to do something really stupid, it makes it that much less likely her happily ever after with Ryan will ever come to fruition.