General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 8: Ryan Gets Jealous, Wants “Heart to Heart” With Griffin – Unhappy That He’s Getting Too Close To His Beloved – Potential Implications For Matt Cohen

General Hospital spoilers indicate that it’s going to be another eventful week full of different twists and turns for some of your favorite characters in Port Charles. The Corinthos family is dealing with the fact that Mike is gone while Ryan will continue to use Franco to his advantage. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: February 7 Mini Recap

On Thursday, February 7th, Franco is beginning to realize that he’s been put in a precarious position. Normally, Franco has very good intuition but it looks like his radar might be a little off when it comes to Ryan. Little does he know that the serial killer is using him as his new pawn.

Also, Ava was left stunned over information that she’s been given. For some time now she’s been thinking about leaving Port Charles, but it looks like she is having a change of heart. Of course, Ava is the kind of woman who will stick by her man’s side through thick and thin, but she’s also someone who doesn’t like to get played. It will be interesting to see how she reacts once the truth about her lover comes out.

Elsewhere, Sonny shared his concerns with Alexis after Spinelli found new information about Dawn of Day. Sam is on a mission to uncover the truth herself while Jason is worried that she might be getting in too deep in her case.

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, February 8: Drew Crosses Paths With Shiloh, Laura Goes To See Franco, Ryan Wants Heart to Heart With Griffin

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 8th, expect to see Elizabeth lean on Scott for some much-needed guidance. Carly will confront Sam and give her a piece of her mind while Drew will meet with Shiloh. Thankfully, Ava will also arrive in just the nick of time. Laura, meanwhile, pays Franco a visit and Peter and Maxie will bump into Nina.

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Ryan is also not happy with Griffin after the latter gave his beloved, Ava, a hug. He’s going to want to talk to Griffin, who will look utterly confused by what’s going. Daily Soap Dish recently reported that it looks as though Dr. Griffin Munro’s portrayer, Matt Cohen, is on his way out of Port Charles. Could that mean the chain has been set into motions and he’s already setting himself to be firmly on Ryan’s radar, or shall we say list, of people he’s designated for extermination? We know that wants you cross Ava in Ryan’s mind, you’re becoming a high risk. Maybe Griffin exits the show after making himself a target on Ryan’s list.

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