‘General Hospital’ Spoilers February 11-15 Preview: Griffin’s Life Spared… For Now – Shiloh Slowly Breaks Down Sam’s Defenses

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‘General Hospital’ spoilers for the week of February 11-15 indicate that things are sure heating up with drama, chaos, romance, secrets, heartbreak, and everything else that you can think of – it’s Port Charles at its finest. The week of February 11, 2019 is going to be nothing shy of entertaining for our friends of GH, so get ready for it!

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Saved In the Nick of Time

First of all, something very scary is going to happen in Port Charles on Monday, and everyone is in the path of danger. GH on Monday February 11 is going to leave viewers at the edge of their seats as Ryan has attempts to murder Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). He’s thinking that he needs to dispose of this one too, however, he’s going to change up something because Franco is in jail and this murder has to be completely different than the rest. In this case, he’s trying to make it look like suicide as he’s planning on throwing Griffin off the ceiling. Ava Jerome (Maura West) arrives just in the nick of time to save the day, so Griffin lives for a little while longer. But it does appear as if his days are numbered at this point, one way or another.

Griffin, of course, has been undergoing some depression since Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) passed away. Someone may decide that if they can’t have Kiki, they may as well just take their own life too. That is why this would have been the perfect set up plan for Ryan, until Ava got involved. Nevertheless, there is truth to Griffin’s pain and it’s obvious that he’s not the same as he once was to any discerning viewer.

Elsewhere, Franco is thinking of ways to get himself out of jail and thinks that he may have figured out just how to do it. Once he manages to straighten his situation, will Franco suspect anything about “Dr. Kevin Collins” (Jon Lindstrom, aka Ryan Chamberlain? His life has started to go downhill quick after those meetings with the doctor and he may start to feel as if something just isn’t right. We know that Laura believes her “husband” is off, so thees two may have what looks to be a start to putting the pieces to the puzzle together.

‘GH’ Spoilers: JaSam, Still On Hold?

What’s going on with Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton)? It seems as if the plan her and Jason are working on has Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) in full cooperation mode. As a result, Carly and Sam get into it in public and Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) sees all of the craziness ensue. This is exactly what Sam wants to happen. She wants Shiloh to think her and Jason are through. Sam is going to put herself in harm’s way more than ever this week to get close to Shiloh. Hopefully, she will be okay, and her knight in shining armor will be there when she needs him the most.

Sam wants to get into Dawn of Day to save Kristina, wants to take Shiloh down before he gets her sister in trouble. Meanwhile, Alexis is at a bar after a session with Kristina and Shiloh. Let’s hope she doesn’t give in and fall off the wagon. She may have new love interest on the horizon. She seemed to be very comfortable telling him about her life. This week is going to be crazy as many storylines are amping up!

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