‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Summer Returns To Genoa City – Billy’s Unborn Child Reason For Hasty Return?

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‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers report that Summer Newman’s return to Genoa City brings with it many implications. She wants to get her man, Kyle back. Summer gained a new job helping her grandpa out while he cannot. If you don’t remember or know, he’s on house arrest. There are rumors floating around that Summer looks pregnant. Usually, that’s a tell tell sign. If she is pregnant, we think it would be by Billy, right? It has been around the that time to show signs of pregnancy if she was. I guess we will see how this story line goes and we will be able to find out if she is pregnant or not and if its Billy’s.

‘Young and the Restless’ Soilers: Victor Newman Coaches Victoria To Deal With Treacherous Media

On January 30, Y&R features several breakdowns, and drama galore. First we see Victoria go to her father at the ranch. They’re supposed to have a meeting, but that meeting turns sour. Victoria did something that she may not be able to make up for. Victor is here to show his daughter that she’s going to have to keep her lips closed when it comes to the JT drama. She will be hounded by the press and she’s going to get some tips from her dad. Jack is done with this relationship with Kerry. She is going to freeze her eggs and Jack is not included in her plans. Kerry is the kind of woman who is ready to be mom without any man helping her out.

Something very very frightening will happen to the Newmans! Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is watching the children, Katie and Johnny, she lets Katie out of her sights, and when Nikki comes back, there is no sign of little Katie! Rumors are floating around that the person who is in charge of this missing Katie debacle that could be J.T. tormenting the family for one final show. This could be the missing part to his plan.

Finally, Nick and Sharon have a long talk about how her lying to him has really hurt him a lot.  Of course, in Sharon fashion, she throws out to Nick that he has lied to her before to. What about when he slept with Phyllis? Nick told her the lying caused him to cheat. Nick and Phyllis are great however, he told her how wonderful she has been through all of this. Then a knock on the door, its Summer! She will be living with mom and dad now, which may cause some drama in itself. Stay tuned for all the drama on Y&R the rest of this week!

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