‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Newman To Return To Genoa City?

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‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers relate that Genoa City seems to be filled with rumors these days and there are several spoilers that we could not wait to get to you all. Y & R execs revealed a new casting call on the show recently and some fans have the idea that Adam Newman (last played by Justin Hartley) is returning in everyone’s heads.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Returns To Genoa City?

Could Adam be returning to Genoa City? He left is an explosion, and was his life taken from him? If so, where was the body, ashes of it, or any records? Just in soap opera fashion, there’s always that piece that keeps fans holding on that their favorite character will return. Maybe, this is Adam’s return, we’ll see soon enough.

Y & R held auditions for a new character, male, in his 30’s. Y & R reps won’t say anymore about this casting call. From what we have read about online and elsewhere, it looks like the character may be someone who left Genoa City, and now he is back. It seems as if he knows everyone in Genoa City, and he’s trying to get back something that he threw away when he left town. All is stipulation; however, fans of Adam will not believe that he died in the explosion that night at the cabin.

We do know that Justin Hartley, the last Adam Newman that supposedly died in that explosion, won’t be reprising his role. Justin was a fan favourite but he has found a home on the hit show This Is Us, so this will be an all new Adam Newman.

The casting call could have also been for many other characters from Genoa city. Fans are throwing many names in the air, Luca, or Dylan as well. Summer will be back on the show soon so maybe a possibility. Let’s keep our positive thoughts toward whatever Y & R is doing and we will all know soon. Keep watching and being fans!!

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