‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: February Sweeps Preview – Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) Returns To Port Charles, Ryan To Frame Franco

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‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Port Charles will be heating up this coming week with new February sweeps episodes. From what we our expert reports are saying, there are some crazy things stirring up in Port Charles. Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) is coming back to Port Charles and when she returns, her motives and what she has been scheming will come to fruition. She’s working on something with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), which we’ll find out soon enough.  Heartbreak is on the horizon for Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) and she’ll be very angry and irate as well.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: February Sweeps Preview

Speaking of Nina, there will be questions regarding her necklace or, more precisely, its other half. There are rumors that it will show up with the least expected person. Other GH spoilers tease that Nina or someone close to her will find out the truth about Willow being Nina’s real daughter soon. We can’t wait to find out what else is happening with Nina and Willow. Execs have hinted that the drama and chaos will come quickly, and it will be crazy.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Jason and Sam have finally come together and JaSam fans the world over rejoiced. From what we have read, GH plans on keeping the couple together for a while. Jason and Sam, however, plan on keeping their relationship very quiet. They do not want Shiloh to know about them. Sam and Alexis are trying to protect Kristina from Shiloh, they do not want her to find out the truth. Rumor has it, this situation is going to explode in their faces.

Other ‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Robert is back in Port Charles. He is going to team up with Finn to try to get information on Anna’s virus. Cassandra will show up, somehow, maybe a discussion about her or a guest appearance. Her story line is not finished by any means.

Drew and Kim are getting closer, however, the link between her and Julian is still there. Lucky lady! Kim will have to make another tough decision.

Elizabeth and Franco are learning more about Aiden and his school troubles. There is some sign that it gets better in the weeks to come. Their wedding is on hold, but Liz will do something for Franco that will show and prove her love for him.

Ryan, who is pure evil, is staying away from giving himself up. Franco may be a pawn soon in Ryan’s awful game. Some rumors say Ryan will frame Franco for the murders. Eventually this truth will all come out. Ava is having to realize that Lulu is going to have a really difficult recovery ahead of her. General Hospital will have some amazing storylines for their February sweeps.

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