‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Mal Young Fired, Josh Griffith Possibly Back

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers have some major news to announce. It’s been reported that Mal Young has been fired! Shocking, maybe, but there’s been rumors of a toxic working environment behind the scenes might have pushes CBS’ hand to come to this decision.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Mal Young Fired!

The ‘Young and the Restless’ has been undergoing a tumultuous time recently, both on and off screen. With classical characters recently exiting the show, and rehashing of past storylines, fans have been up in arms at the show’s direction recently. Reasons for the firing are unclear at this point, and it’s unclear whether they will ever be made clear.

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‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Bad Writing, Poor Ratings, Unhappy Sponsors or Toxic Work Environment To Blame?

We do know that the show’s ratings have dropped year to year compared to last year. According to Daytime Confidential, ‘the ‘Young and the Restless’ lost 248,000 viewers year-to-year for the week of November 26 to November 30. This is also a general trend for the show, with constant losses in other months as well. Having said that, however, the show had also gained 26,000 total viewers for the same week compared to the prior week. Daytime Confidential cites the Tessa angle as well as Summer’s farewell to Genoa City as possible explanations for the general loss. Still, with all that considered, the facts remain the facts: the show gained week-to-week, and it also maintained its position as the #1 daytime soap opera in all key demographics. It’s not like Mal Young was responsible for the show’s demise at the expense of a competitor’s rise.

Is it the toxic work environment? Reports have been swirling recently that a culture of misogyny has permeated backstage which has created a toxic working environment for all those involved. Coming on the heels of the world-wide me too movement, CBS can’t be taking any chances. If such a culture is created, generally it’s due to leadership (or lack thereof) from the top. So it’s no mystery that heads have to roll in such a case.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Misogyny Involved In Mal Young’s Firing

Highlight Hollywood broke the story and claims that misogyny is indeed to blame in Mal Young’s firing. A source from Sony allegedly told HH: “After months of misogyny toward cast and crew and production executives as well, the fact that Mal is out is no surprise and few are sorry to see him go”.

But information is not only coming out from Sony, sources at CBS have also chimed in to HH:

“Yes, it’s great news that Mal [Young] is gone, but we are still dealing with untalented people in charge, who are doing nothing but playing games and looking out for family members and cronies.  Seriously, they can’t make a good decision under any circumstances.”

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Josh Griffith Back?

The story then goes that Josh Griffith makes a comeback. According to HH:
“Steve Kent likes to install his cronies. He and Josh are college buddies. Sadly for ‘Y&R,’ it’s constantly being run by talentless people with no vision, no understanding or respect for the genre. From Tony Morina to Josh Griffith. No matter how many times they fail, they just keep going and Kent continues to protect them. What on earth could Josh know on Steve Kent? He only hires college buddies and people willing to do his bidding. So, goodness knows what will happen to the show now.”

All of this reads like a real life soap opera unfolding, so it should probably be taken with at least a pinch of salt, although it does confirm some of the murmurs that have been floating on the web in recent weeks. And yes, it does appear that at this point Josh Griffith will be back.

What do you think is the reason Mal Young was fired and are you happy with the decision? Who do you want to see take over the reigns at ‘Y&R’?

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