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'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Satisfies Blood Thirst, Murders Next Victim - Peyton Mills Up On The Chopping Block, Literally

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Satisfies Blood Thirst, Murders Next Victim – Peyton Mills Up On The Chopping Block, Literally

‘General Hospital’ spoilers have some harrowing news to report. Killer Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is going to murder again and claim his latest victim, this time right as 2018 is coming to a close. He does like to strike during popular holidays doesn’t he?

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Murders His Next Victim – Peyton Mills Up On The Chopping Block

‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal that serial killer Ryan Chamberlain murders again on New Year’s Eve. Chances are, however, that this will be a low-key killing, if there is such a thing. But it’ll probably not be a character of any significance, like Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) or Mary Pat Ingles (Patricia Bethune) whom the killer murdered in the past two months. Instead, it might be a meaningless character, at least in terms of the soap’s main storyline.

Of course, lives are perilous and quite in demand in the dangerous city of Port Charles. Fans surely don’t want to see another of their favourites get the death penalty courtesy of their favourite, or most loathed, depending on how you put it, serial killer. Seeing as lives are at a premium, and the death of Kiki Jerome especially rocked the airwaves with angry mobs of fans vehemently voicing their displeasure at one of the most beloved characters on the show getting the Ryan special, writers at NBC will figure out how to make Ryan quest his thirst for blood without riling up the masses of fans that are still trying to get over the murder of Kiki.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Rings In A Bloody 2019 on December 31, 2018

With Ava Jerome (Maura West) still tormented from losing her daughter, it seems like Ryan claiming another big head would take away from what is a main story line. According to some sources out there, the likely victim will be TV Producer Peyton Mills, who Ryan met up with very recently. Mills is actually working on a documentary about Ryan’s murderous trail from 25 years in the past, and also has a theory about how the serial killer is still alive.

‘General Hospital’ teaser promos indicate that Ryan sure has something up his sleeve as he’s meeting with Mills while shutting the door and suspiciously looking on Mills’ phone. However, and it has to be said, but if Mills is suspsicious that Ryan is still alive, why would he leave himself so vulnerable to the man that looks exactly like the serial killer he believes never died?

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers December 31, 2018: Ryan Mulls Over The Murder of Mills – Last Ryan Chamberlain Murder of 2018, But Expect More In 2019

It’s been set: Ryan will murder again and quench his thirst for one final cup of blood in 2018. But this surely won’t be the last Ryan murder we see in Port Charles, not by a long shot. Of course, while the murder of Mills will be a low-key murder in terms of the show’s main characters, this could buy Ryan some serious time as he’ll be taking out someone hot on his trail. With the man that put so much work into piecing the pieces of the mysterious Ryan Chamberlain serial killer puzzle out of the way, this will serve as the perfect opportunity for Ryan to run rampant in Port Charles in 2019.

Who do you think Ryan will murder in 2019? How long before everyone’s favourite-to-hate serial killer is finally caught and his trail of blood is put to an end? Sound out in the comments below!

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