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'General Hospital' Spoilers and Recap: Ryan Vows To "Help" Ava, And Be Apart of Her New Year's Resolution

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers and Recap: Ryan Vows To “Help” Ava, And Be Apart of Her New Year’s Resolution

‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate that Julian, Jason and Sam put aside their differences for the greater good. Hank raises suspicions while Drew learns something interesting. Read the full New Year’s Eve recap below.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Year’s Eve Recap

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate Today’s episode found us at a pediatric cancer benefit dinner with Michael Corinthos, his sister Christina, Ned Quartermaine and Olivia. Michael, though, wishes he could be spending his New Year’s with Willow who, surprise, surprise, walks into the dinner with a date on her arm, much to Michael’s chagrin. Kim and Julian canoodle in Oscar’s hospital room while Oscar and Josslyn ring in the new year in the hospital’s media room.

Julian is on his way out when they are interrupted by Drew, who tells Kim that Jason had come by to warn him about someone from his past. Steve and Sam get ready for the New Year’s Benefit in true loving couple fashion. Ava walks around in a daze after having lost Kiki, she almost pours herself a drink but stops, choosing to go through Kiki’s things instead.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Year Flashbacks

Speaking of loving couples, Jordan and Curtis are ringing in the New Year a bit early with one another, while Willow seemingly flirts with Chase at the dinner. In a flashback we learn that Julian actually convinced Willow to give up her son. Ava goes through Kiki’s things, we see the sad portrayal of a Mother’s grief when she finds a to-do list saying that Kiki wanted to learn about art from her.

‘Kevin’ leaves Payton’s office but not before he steals Payton’s phone and shoots Curtis a text telling him to meet him at the Producer’s office. Curtis obliges, but promises to be back in time to finish ringing in the New Year with his police commissioner wife, Jordan.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hank Raises Suspicion, Drew Learns Something Interesting

Steve and Sam discuss Hank, the man who was inquiring about Drew. Steve says his energy didn’t feel right to him. Meanwhile Drew tells Kim the same thing, that he’s not sure that he will be contacting Hank or not. Kim isn’t so cynical and encourages him to, saying hat it might unlock the secrets of Drew’s missing past.

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Drew learns a surprising factoid about his and Kim’s previous relationship. Ari Spencer and Christina have an awkward encounter that is soon brushed away and they aren’t the only ones. In spite of their previous bonding over being grieving parents, Michael and Willow have a doubly-awkward encounter at the benefit dinner and Willow excuses herself, leaving Michael visibly disappointed.

Scotty finds Laura at the Benefit and he and her discuss her recent break-up with Kevin, but he doesn’t seem to be on the same page as everyone else, he tries to inform her that Kevin and Ava are together but as it turns out, she already knows. Kevin and Ava begin having drinks at her apartment and discussing New Years Resolutions, wherein she reveals that she is not going to allow her remaining daughter to have as close a relationship with her as Kiki did.

Jordan and Ned discuss Ned’s misgivings about Lulu being allowed in the squad room after news of the possible links between the deaths of Mary Pat Ingles and Kiki, he suggests that Lulu’s privileges need to be revoked. He shares a look with Scotty directly after this discussion.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian, Jason and Sam Put Aside their Differences

Julian, Jason, and Sam agree to put aside their differences for the night of the benefit. Alexis asks Julian if he came to the benefit to connect with Sam to which he answers yes but also that Kim asked him to since she was going to be with Oscar at the hospital. Kim and Drew are at the hospital together reminiscing about the past (mostly its Kim because Drew doesn’t remember.) and they end up kissing. Jason and Sam reward Olivia with a generous contribution to her benefit, and Lulu corners Willow andJ apologizes for Charlotte’s previous bullying of Aiden. Scotty reveals to Laura that he doesn’t like the idea of Kevin and Ava together.

Kevin reveals his ‘goals’ to help Ava in the new year, including helping her move on from her grief, they kiss. Curtis goes to Payton’s office to find it dark with random pools of blood everywhere, as the ball drops he puts in a call to Jordan that there’s been another murder. Julian catches Drew and Kim kissing in Oscar’s hospital room, but Kim assures Drew that it was just nostalgia getting the best of them.

Michael tries to talk Willow into staying at the party after Chase leaves but she declines, much to Michael’s disappointment. Jordan arrives on-scene but does not know if the victim was Payton or not, she also doesn’t know where the killer may have hidden the body. Sam and Jason end up on the roof together after Jason reaches his limit for socializing and together they find Payton on the roof of the hotel.

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