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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: You Reap What You Sow, The Love Triangle From Hell

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Your Reap What You Sow, The Love Triangle From Hell

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that Christmas Eve in Salem looks like it’s going to be a bad one, if yesterday’s episode was any indication. Missed it? Well, no worries, because we’ve got your DOOL spoilers right here in your daily Days of Our Lives recap. There was a lot of action yesterday, so let’s get to it…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Reap what you sow…

Looks like Gabi might have finally seen the downside to her plot to get back at Abigail today. She started today’s episode having a nightmare of Lani and Eli coming to take her away because Julie’s woken up and told them everything. They go off on her for her many transgressions, while little Ari begs Gabi not to leave again. When Sonny hears her screaming, he comes in to check things out. She confesses to having a dream about losing Ari, and Sonny assures her that won’t happen again. He offers for the three of them to have a family breakfast and she agrees to be down shortly.

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While Gabi is momentarily alone downstairs, Eli and Lani really do come by. They need to ask some questions about what went down. Julie’s still unconscious, btw, and hasn’t been able to say a thing. Gabi tries to sell her fake story, but Eli doesn’t think what she describes sounds like his Grandma. She insists she’s telling the truth, and I’m wondering how much time drugging someone, trying to drive her insane, stealing/altering classified medical information, and lying to the cops is going to get Gabi when it all comes out. Oops. Guess she wasn’t thinking about that in her righteous fury. Of course, this is Salem, land of criminals, so maybe it won’t be so bad?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Mommy, Please Never Leave Again

Later, Ari talks about having a new last-minute Christmas list. The only thing she wants? Her mommy to never go away again. Gabi swears to her that won’t happen, and then excuses herself from helping Ari and Sonny decorate Christmas cookies for Santa because she has a present yet to take care of. Her story for the day ends with her standing over Julie’s hospital bed with a pillow in hand. Hmm. Murder or attempted murder to possibly add to her new list of crimes. And this time, she can’t pin the blame on anyone but her.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Love Triangle From Hell…

Sonny didn’t have such a great start to his day either, as it began with Leo sneaking into his bed. When Sonny wakes and demands he leave, saying nothing is going to happen between them, Leo warns him not to go sneaking around with Will behind his back.

Since Leo couldn’t get any action in the bedroom, he decides to settle for some retail therapy. He demands Sonny’s credit card and goes to buy himself some presents. When he runs into Will, he can’t resist goading Will by claiming he and Sonny slept together and showing off the underwear he bought for Sonny. Will, of course, gets angry and ends up punching Leo’s face. Sonny arrives in just enough time to see this and holds Will back from doing any further damage. Leo reminds them of the consequences of not following through on his demands, and declines to press any charges—for now. He’s feeling all Christmas-y. Excuse me while I try to decide whether to laugh or be sick.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: With Friends Like These…

Also today, Claire is fawning over Tripp for knowing just how she likes her food. Ciara walks out of her room in time to see the pathetic display, and declines to stay long enough for Tripp to make something for her. She’s got shopping to do. Claire, never missing an opportunity, asks if Ciara is going with Ben. Ciara, over her crap apparently, snaps that it’s hard to shop for someone with said person with you. Tripp is totally loving that and leaves the room. Claire, of course, gets a dig in on how rude it was to mention getting a gift for Ben, and Ciara points out that it wouldn’t have come up if Claire hadn’t mentioned his name first. I love, by the way, how antagonistic these two are, considering how close they seem in their Insta stories.

Before things can get too crazy, they learn about Julie’s accident and Ciara is the first to rush to her side. Claire and Tripp follow shortly after. While Ciara is visiting Julie, Claire joins her and they pray for her to recover while they bury the hatchet (at least temporarily). Ciara even jokes that Julie probably did this on purpose to make them stop fighting. We’ll see how long this truce lasts after Julie’s recovery. At least, I hope she recovers. Come on, Days people, don’t pull some sad death scene on me, because spoilers for one of my telenovelas are already making it hard enough to watch right now, and I don’t need to possibly buy stock in a tissue company. K?

Stay tune, y’all, because it looks like things are only going to get crazier as Christmas arrives in Salem…

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