‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Weird Time Warp Brings Hookup Action and Trouble, and Mystery Person In Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that after the longest Christmas Eve Ever, we’ve suddenly stepped into a time warp and are now at New Year’s Eve. Missed the action and need some Days of Our Lives spoilers? Let’s get right into your daily Days of Our Lives recap and see how things went down.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Custody Mess Continues

Chloe has the kids with her mother for the night while she slaves away at the party prep, since Julie can’t be there to help. That’s okay, though, because Brady is (of course) able to step in. He’s also being a snaky little creep and continuing to hold back the real truth, even as he goes on about how guilty he feels about what he did to Nicole. Seriously, dude? Get over it already. Do the right thing.

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Meanwhile, Eric is talking to Justin about the idea of suing for custody. Justin’s not very enthusiastic for a couple of reasons. One, being that he apparently had a massive fail last time around when Chloe and Nicole were once disputing each other over little Holly. Dang.

At this rate, that poor kid is gonna be in custody limbo until she’s eighteen and can tell all the crazy people around her that she’s out of here. Anyway… Justin also reminds him of all the bad things that can be brought up about him in court, and the fact Maggie is supportive of Chloe. Eric agrees to think things over, but he’s not completely giving up.

Later on, Eric’s been talked into going to the big new year’s benefit after all. He and Sarah and Chloe try to be civil for Holly’s sake, but Brady can’t just let things go and has to be a little combative. Sarah calls him out and insists they need to make peace for the kid and Chloe (who Sarah apologized to earlier) are finally in agreement. By the end, though, Eric is still not sold on giving up a custody bid.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Let’s Do the Time Warp…

As mentioned before, it’s magically New Year’s Eve and there’s one bit here that completely perplexes me, given that information. JJ has apparently spent that last five days or so in utter seclusion with Haley, who he’s still trying to get through to after her attempted Christmas Eve suicide.

I mean, there has to be some weird time warp action going on to excuse the fact that JJ has not found out in the past five days that his sister is now in jail, following the exposure of her revenge on Abigail. With the way this town gossips, you’d think someone would’ve filled him in much sooner.

He has to have the news broken by Jennifer at the benefit. Where, by the way, he almost blows it with Haley. He manages to smooth it all over, though.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: We Sense Hookup Action… and Trouble

So, we finally get to the big moments of the party, where Eric gives a really sweet speech about Nicole, and Jennifer concurs how much everyone at the Horton Center will miss her. During her speech, she also pays tribute to Tom and Alice, who started the whole thing.

Everything seems to be going great at this event. Hayley’s calmed down, Jennifer is about to hook up with her doctor ex, and I did not miss that kissing action between Brady and Chloe, nor the romantic undertones of Sarah’s concern for Eric and her kind words about his speech. What could possibly spoil this happy occasion? Glad you asked…

There’s a mystery person who’s been getting all dressed up for a night out the entire episode, complete with a few nice shots of tickets to the benefit, as well as an ad for it. We see the figure coming up to the door, then walking in right after the countdown to 2019 ends.

Who was it? Well, despite a couple of misdirections, we learn the person is actually Eve. (Oh, yay…) And she doesn’t appear to be there to spread some happy energy. We’ve gotta wait until Monday to see what trouble she’s about to stir up.

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