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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: The Long Goodbye

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Long Goodbye

‘Days of our Lives’ spoilers relate a very important milestone for Salem. December 12 was kind of a cool DOOL day in Salem, so if you missed it, get ready for some sweet Days of Our Lives spoilers today. One of Salem’s own celebrates a very important milestone. Let’s see how it all went down in your Tuesday Days of Our Lives recap.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tuesday, December 12 Recap: Kill him already…

Let’s start with one of the big stories to return recently: Leo’s plot to get the Kiriakis name and money. Now, I admit to finding this guy completely amusing. The actor’s delivery and the writing is hilarious, but from a practical perspective, they might be better off getting rid of the guy. Why? Because he’s still holding a blackmail threat over Sonny and Will that he’ll only back off on if he and Sonny marry. Will has apparently had enough of this game, so he’s willing to take the fall for the whole thing.

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Sonny insists he can’t do that, as the pictures show them both covering up the incident. Either way, they’ll both be in trouble and apart. Sonny offers money to make Leo go away, but only a ring’s going to keep this secret hidden. He admits that Sonny is right about him liking money, but he also wants power. So, he will not be taking payoff. Sonny finally decides to go along with the plan, and Leo insists the wedding happens immediately.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The Long Goodbye

So, Lucas already announced his departure from Salem. After previous talks with other residents, he’s not announcing the decision to Kate, Julie, and others. Kate thinks his decision has something to do with her having suffocated him (which he assures her was not the case—sort of. Ha!) but he insists this is about being there for his daughter.

Kate and Chloe commiserate a bit, at least being able to come to an agreement on the fact they’ll both miss him. Meanwhile, Julie, Eli, Doug, JJ, and Lani all gather to do a little decorating. Lucas shows up and breaks the news to those that don’t know, and they’re sad he won’t be there for the holiday. However, before he goes, they have him put an ornament with his name up on the tree. Julie assures him that no matter what, Salem will always be his home.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Memories…

So, it seems there was a special occasion in Salem: Fifty years since Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) came back home after having given up Eli’s dad for adoption. She spends a lot of the episode remembering the moment as old clips of the show play out. One features founding characters Tom and Alice Horton asking Julie to come home for Christmas. Until then, she’d been living alone in San Francisco and was not happy. She was surprised by the invitation, but accepted it.

This also marks a significant time for Doug as well. While he apparently came to Salem with some shady intent, by his own admission today, he was happy that Julie came along and changed things for him. To celebrate, he brings out a cake with a “50” candle on it and reminds her that it was exactly that long ago the conversation took place. She’s touched that he remembered that. The episode closes off with some cool shots of the pair over the years. And I just have to say how much I love this show’s connection to its history.

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