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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Sheila The Pod Person, Santa's Sneaky Bag Of Tricks

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sheila The Pod Person, Santa’s Sneaky Bag Of Tricks

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate a holiday period filled with miraculous events, so if you happened to miss the action in the midst of the holiday fun, don’t worry. I’ve got your Days of Our Lives spoilers right here in your daily Days of Our Lives recap. Let’s start with miracle one…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sheila the Pod Person?

Okay, this show really gets me worried about the universal balance and makes me feel like Hell has frozen over again. Why? Because Sheila was actually very nice, personable, and a very attentive listener today. I know, right? We’ll see if that attitude carries over beyond the special day. So what happened? Abe came across her while out and revealed that he came home early. Seems that his visit with Valerie didn’t go so well. Sheila actually shows compassion for his situation and gives some good advice about fixing things before that distance between them gets too far.

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Later on, at the Christmas gathering at the hospital, she saves the dull party by putting on some music and dancing with the kids. And again, I wonder where this strange woman came from…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Santa’s Sneaky

We spent some time today dealing with Leo (who may, by the way, be wearing the ugliest suit known to man) and the situation with him, Sonny, and Will. He starts off his scenes by apparently traumatizing Ari and Thomas by telling them there is no Santa, as the two kids are seen running from a room looking very upset.  Sonny and Chad enter to find Leo there, who tells them what he’d done. They are not happy, by the way, and Sonny demands that Leo stay away from Ari.

Later, Leo gets the same disdain from Gabi before inviting himself along with Sonny to present a check to the hospital. You seriously should have seen how he nearly drooled over the idea of the press being there. Following the presentation, Leo makes a spectacle of himself by making sure everyone in the room knows about how great his new family is and how much they’ve done for the place. Whatever, Leo. Sonny doesn’t really appreciate the move, but Leo doesn’t seem to care much.

While they’re dealing with that, Roman, who was playing Santa, has been scheming. He sends for Sonny under the pretense of being reimbursed for extra gifts for the kids, but when Sonny arrives, Will is the one in the Santa suit. They get to spend a few moments alone together for Christmas before Leo comes in and drags Sonny away. He’s completely oblivious, thankfully, to who was actually under that Santa costume.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Who’s your daddy?

In another Christmas miracle, we have some new developments on the Abigail/Stefan/Charlotte situation. Stefan arrives at Julie’s and demands to be allowed to give Charlotte a gift. Abigail relents, but she draws the line at letting him take Charlotte for the night. She’s lost enough time with the child as it is, which she’s quick to remind him is his fault. Stefan responds by letting her know he’s had his lawyer draw up paper work. As he does, Julie freaks out. Seems the move helped bring back her memories of the confrontation with Gabi. She informs Stefan he is not the daddy, which both he and Abigail are confused about and deny. Julie insists she knows what she saw, which leads Abigail to decide they should go to see Kayla and get some definitive answers.

At the hospital, Kayla seems shocked to see them there together. After learning why they’re there, she humors them by pulling up the computer records which do, in fact, confirm that Chad is actually the father. Oops. Looks like Gabi wasn’t able to cover more of her bases. Worse yet, Kayla remembered Gabi being there the day the test came in, and both Abigail and Stefan know it. Judging by the fit Stefan throws later at home, me thinks Gabi is in for some interesting times….

The episode ends with Abigail telling Chad the truth and a tribute to another cast member lost this year—Peggy McCay.

As a side note, Kayla is excited to get a present and phone call from Steve, who seems not to hate her after all.