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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Objection, Your Honor!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Objection, Your Honor!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers indicate some big storylines are developing in Salem.Ready for more Days of Our Lives spoilers (if you missed it today)? Well, then I have you covered with your daily Days of Our Lives recap where I’ll give you some of the highlights of Wednesday’s episode. Today, there was a focus on a couple of stories. Let’s start with one of the big ones.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Wednesday, December 12 Recap: Objection, Your Honor!

Today, we saw Will begging Sonny via a phone call not to go through with a wedding to Leo. Sonny apologizes, but says there is no other choice. He’s got to buy some time until they can figure out how to neutralize the blackmail threat. Will says he knows, but he doesn’t have to like it.

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Later, Adrienne comes along and sees Sonny all dressed up. She wants to know what’s going on, and is completely shocked to find out that Sonny is marrying the man who accused him of sexual harassment. She tries to talk him out of this, forcing him to admit that Leo has something over him. Things just get worse for Sonny when Justin comes along and has to be told the truth as well.

Meanwhile, Will is at the hospital, where he decides to confide in Marlena. She’s just as shocked by the revelation, but assures him it was self-defense. Will points out that it won’t look that way, given the timing and the photographic evidence of trying to cover up the “death”. Poor guy and Will just can’t seem to catch a break…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Sheila Stopped By Mystery Person

Elsewhere, Leo is busy making wedding preparations. He visits the mayor’s office to ask Abe to perform the ceremony. Abe feels bad about standing in the way of spontaneity, but there’s logistics (aka: paperwork) that have to be dealt with, and that will take a week. Leo pushes the issue, and eventually Abe realizes who the man is. He refuses to perform a ceremony for them at any time, and I am so loving Abe. He’s awesome when he gets fired up. Sheila, however, doesn’t know the whole story and doesn’t seem to care. She needs cash, people. So, she informs Leo that she’s ordained and can perform the ceremony. And I am now going back into the “bitch” part of my love/hate relationship with her.

Finally, we get to the wedding. Sheila is hilariously (or purposefully) oblivious to the obvious misery in the room and clumsily goes through the ceremony. She asks if there are any objections, and Adrienne tries to stop the proceedings, but she’s held back by Justin. Sheila’s about to continue with the ceremony when someone arrives. Who? Well, we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – So Close…

The other big story in Salem today is about who will get (or keep) custody of Holly. We already know Maggie is not a fan of letting Eric raise the child because of his past issues and witnessing the fight between him and Brady. Sarah, however is working her magic to try to help. She goes to Brady and begs him to assume fault for the fight, because she thinks it will be good for Eric to raise Holly. Plus, it was Nicole’s wish. I say that he was actually to blame for the fight, and shouldn’t be getting upset about maybe admitting to it. Of course, Brady feels he didn’t. He does, however, apparently feel bad enough about things to give in and go to bat for him.

Eric isn’t too happy to learn that later on, and Maggie comes along just in time to hear that. They manage to work it out, though, and Maggie is going to agree to let Eric raise the little girl.

What none of them know, is that Chloe has just gotten a letter from a lawyer in Nashville that states Nicole wants Chloe to raise Holly in case anything happens to her. She, at the time, felt it was the best choice since Chloe actually carried Holly. Plus, she also is mother to Holly’s half-brother. This is going to get ugly, people. I can see Eric losing it over this, as he won’t have a lot of legal ground to stand on. Yes, he and Brady heard Nicole say what her wishes were, but Chloe’s going to have the written documentation straight from a lawyer.

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