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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: How Far Can Someone Go To Protect A Secret?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: How Far Can Someone Go To Protect A Secret?

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers welcome you to day two of another week in Salem, filled with tons of DOOL spoilers for those who missed it. If that’s you, and you wanna know what happened, let the Days of Our Lives recap begin, where we find out just how far someone is willing to go apparently to protect a secret.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tuesday, December 19 Recap – Did I Do That?

That’s the look we’re still left with on Gabi’s face as Chad and Sonny have rushed in to find Julie on the floor, in obvious pain while Gabi is clearly trying to think of how she’s possibly going to spin this one. While Sonny is calling the paramedics, Julie is trying to tell him the truth. While she can apparently say Chad’s name a hundred times or so, she can’t seem to get much more out than “envelope” and “your” (the last one being said multiple times).

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In between her attempts, Gabi is frantically trying to divert attention and keep everyone else talking so Julie won’t be heard. When Julie finally passes out, she gets questioned by the pair, and she insists that Julie accidently fell after running from Gabi’s room following being caught snooping. She uses Julie’s animosity toward her to explain away why she’d be trying to find something on Gabi. Julie gets brought to the hospital, where JJ, Hope, Rafe, Chad, and Doug are waiting for any word on her condition. Kayla’s running tests, but she thinks that Julie will eventually recover. Her body’s just shut down for a while because of the trauma.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Tries Solving Kate’s Problem

Meanwhile, Gabi pays a panic-fueled visit to Kate to try solving her problem. Kate keeps insisting there is no “we” here, but Gabi is equally insistent that they are both in this together and she needs to do something. Kate wonders what she can do, outside of holding a pillow over Julie’s head. Gabi doesn’t seem to hate that idea to much, and Kate can’t even.

Gabi insists that she didn’t say to do it, while Kate points out she didn’t say not to. Between that and Gabi’s wish that Julie stay unconscious after she talked Kate into getting an update from Chad makes me think this character is way more evil than Abigail ever was. I mean, at least she’s got a mental illness to explain away some of her bad deeds. Like, really, Gabi? Kate assures her that, for now, she’s lucky because no one’s talked to her yet.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Still Worried

Gabi is still worried, though, especially knowing Hope is there. And I once more have to take a minute to marvel at the terrible policing in Salem. An elderly woman just happens to fall down a staircase for somewhat unclear reasons, and you’re going to wait on questioning the only other person who was a witness? Should give Gabi plenty of time to prepare a performance…

Finally, in relation to this story arc, Abigail is horrified to learn what happened to Julie from Kayla and is actually willing to run straight to the hospital since Julie was at the mansion because of her. She’s willing, even knowing that it will look really weird for her to suddenly take off after already having a close call with Stefan today. I guess we see who the better of the two is in Abigail vs. Gabi. For Abigail’s sake, Kayla advises her to stay and keep up the act. And I am once more worried about the balance in the universe, because Abigail managed to have this call inside Stefan’s place without getting busted.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tradition’s important, y’all…

The other main story had to do with Will and Sonny again. Will’s been drowning his sorrows ever since learning from Sheila the Sonny/Leo union is a done deal. He stops by Kate’s to tell her and reminds her it was because of her. Kate, meaning well, advises him to do the exact opposite of what Victor had told Sonny last time and be the other man for a while.

Will takes that to heart and shows up at the mansion. Sonny says it’s not a good night, between the wedding and Julie’s accident, but Will does mention the idea since he’s still feeling no pain. Sonny rejects his advances, telling him there is no way anything can happen until they know it’s safe not only for them, but the company as well. Will’s hurt, but he agrees to leave.

On the way out, they end up stopping under some mistletoe and Sonny decides that they can’t be faulted for keeping with a tradition. Better hope Leo doesn’t have a camera man watching again, like you were worried about, boys… not to mention what would happen in Victor finds out.

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