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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Gabby-without-the-Y vs. Gabi-with-an-I

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Gabby-without-the-Y vs. Gabi-with-an-I

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate some Monday Madness in the air. If you need some Monday Motivation after missing the start of a new week in Salem, I have your Days of Our Lives spoilers right in today’s recap of all the Days of Our Lives highlights. Let’s start with a newer arrival…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Gabby-without-the-Y vs. Gabi-with-an-I

So, we all know by now that Kate Mansi has stepped back into the role of Abigail after a two-year absence. We also know that she’s pretending to have actually relapsed so she can get out of Bayview (courtesy a doubtful Stefan) and be with her baby. Last we left them, Gabi had gone to Stefan’s to plant the real paternity test results and frame Stefan for her dirty deed. She’s shocked to come across Abigail, who says, “Surprise, bitch.” I love her. Anyway, Abigail throws Gabi’s confession in her face and says that she allowed Gabby-with-a-Y to take control of the situation. Gabi seems doubtful of the replase, by the way. While they’re talking, Chad shows up and Gabi makes her exit, with the paternity test still in hand. She refused to hand it over to Abigail.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Abigail Accuses Chad

After she leaves, Chad and Abigail have at it, with Abigail as her alter still playing her part and accusing Chad of betraying Abigail. She says she’s not going to let him hurt Abigail again, so long as she’s in control of things. And she plans to be for a long time. Chad, defeated, leaves even more convinced of his guilt, and her illness, than he already was.

While all that is going on, Julie has found out from Jennifer that Abigail has relapsed and is currently at Stefan’s place. Julie is livid, especially after an earlier confrontation with Ciara over her involvement with Ben. She hightails it to Stefan’s to give him a piece of her mind and try to fix the situation. When she gets there, she comes across Abigail, who confesses to just pretending to relapse. She explains it was her only way to be with her daughter and she wants to make Gabi pay. Julie seems to be all in for that plan, so this could be interesting. She’s well-aware of what Gabi is capable of.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Not helping…

The other story we’re focused on today is about Hope’s quest to get Ben and Rafe’s suspicions of her cheating. Things are not helped by a towel-clad Ted claiming that they are, in fact, involved. Rafe goes ballistic, and Hope has to step in and tell him the truth. Nice try at a cover, Ted, but I think telling the truth to start would have been better… #justsaying

While they’re at the hotel still, Stefan places a call to Ted. Stefan had been doubting his new security head for a moment, but he’s decided to trust Ben and go on the defensive. While Ted has the call on speaker, Stefan accuses him of making false, outrageous allegations against him and his employee. He demands an end to it and makes a veiled threat that, while getting Rafe on board with protecting Ted, doesn’t give them much to get him on. I’ll be curious to see what plan Stefan and Ben have in store for this rat. Who, btw, apparently needs to go back to law school, as Stefan points out the burden of any proof is on Ted.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Side Note

Ciara gives Ben a bit of grief about planning their date for Julie’s place for a minute, but agrees to go out with him again.

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