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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Christmas Eve Recap - Julie's Accident Turns Into A Positive, The Miracle of the Holidays Continues

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Christmas Eve Recap – Julie’s Accident Turns Into A Positive, The Miracle of the Holidays Continues

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate some interesting developments in Salem. It’s (still) Christmas Eve in Salem (I think they’ve set a record for longest day ever), and in case you missed all the action, I have your Days of Our Lives spoilers right here in your Days of Our Lives recap. Unfortunately, it’s not a very happy holiday for some…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Besties Again…

Looks like one positive thing is happening in Salem today, and it’s mostly because of Julie’s accident. Claire and Ciara have made up to the point where Ciara is totally fine with Claire hanging out with Tripp’s family now that the Horton event has been cancelled due to said accident. I have to say that Ciara is a far better person than I.

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Claire’s a backstabbing little wench, and I’m sort of peeved that she was invited to hang with Tripp. But then again, he was no prize either. Anyway… Ciara makes plans to spend time with Ben instead and reiterates to him that if her family can’t give him another chance after everything they’d taught her over the years, they’re hypocrites. Their plan to spend the evening together hits a snag, though…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Miracle Continues

So, we know from yesterday that Julie woke up. Today, we see a rehash of Doug begging her to wake up and her actually doing so. Sarah, who’s already started her job at University Hospital, performs a couple of quick tests and says they need to do further testing, but she thinks Julie will be just fine.

There’s one issue, though. Julie remembers going to the house and why she went there. She even remembers Gabi walking in on her, but what she doesn’t remember is seeing those test results and confronting her. Nor does she remember struggling with Gabi before she fell. She’s convinced, though, that something happened that she needs to remember. Come on, Julie… you can do it!

Seeing as how she’s awake now, she apparently insists on the party going on, as revealed when Hope calls Ciara to tell her this. Ciara tries to beg off because of her plans with Ben, but Ben tells her to go. Yeah, Hope… the guy’s a total monster. Seriously. Get her away from him now.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Party Crashing

A lot of the rest of the episode deals with the party. The Hortons (including Lani, as Eli’s girlfriend) gather, with the exception of JJ, who is still watching after Haley following her suicide attempt. Everyone’s having a good time, and Claire and Ciara give each other new ornaments to replace the ones they broke before. Everything’s going fine until someone else arrives.

Abigail, having dropped the D-bomb on Stefan earlier, arrives at the party. She, by the way, was not happy to learn that Stefan hired Ben. When she gets there, she assures everyone that she is, in fact, Abigail and basically nails her mother for refusing to believe her. I’m sort of on her side here, but I also can’t help thinking she could have avoided most of this mess had she just gotten tested, as she’d been all ready to do at one point before she abandoned the idea in a childish fit. I still kind of root for her, though. Kate Mansi’s very likeable in the part.

That’s not the end of the unexpected guest list, though. Toward the end of the episode, Julie also arrives at the party, after she and Doug apparently talked Kayla into releasing her. Since Sarah’s around, Julie says she can observe her as she wanted. And suddenly, the party goes back to being much more festive than a couple of minutes before when Abigail had stormed out of the room.

Can I also just take a minute to say I think the tradition of having an ornament for everyone in the family that gets put on the tree is awesome. There was a lot of time spent on people hanging them and showing the (many) names of people (past and present) who are connected to the Horton family tree. I also love how the camera focused on the ones for Tom and Alice, too.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Finally… the show ended on a really sweet note, as they paid tribute to Frank Russell Parker (Grandpa Shawn Brady), who passed earlier this year.

Also today: Gabi is having a pretty good day, as she’s relieved to know that Julie doesn’t remember what really happened, and she’s managed to talk Chad (with Thomas) into moving in with her after she leaves the mansion. After all, he’s fired as CEO and she doesn’t want her daughter around Leo.

Her story for the day ends with her finally doing what she should have done a while back: burning the test results. This is after being dumb enough to once again stand around somewhere she could easily have someone walk in on her while saying she doesn’t want them traced back to her. Chad bought her story it being Ari’s list for Christmas and how Ari is questioning Santa.

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