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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail Drops A Gem On 'Em, Still Has More Tricks Up Her Sleeve

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Drops A Gem On ‘Em, Still Has More Tricks Up Her Sleeve

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers indicate that the holiday drama continues in Salem, and I’ve got your Days of Our Lives recap for those who missed it. Warning: This obviously is going to contain a lot of Days of Our Lives spoilers, so beware if you’ve got it waiting on the DVR…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Truth Hurts

So, we had several arcs taking the show today, one of which being the Abigail vs. Gabi feud. Chad found out he’s the baby daddy yesterday, but today, he’s having trouble believing it. He keeps insisting that it’s got to be some trick. After all, Abigail did just kick Stefan to the curb after he got her released. She swears it’s the truth and calls his bluff when he threatens to call Kayla.

She says that Kayla can confirm everything she’s just said about the results being switched. Chad, obviously is furious and thinking it was Stefan trying to hold on to his obsession with Gabby-with-a-Y. He’s completely floored when she informs him that Gabi was the one who did it.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Speaking of the She-Devil…

Speaking of the she-devil, Gabi comes in at just the right moment to get an earful from both. When Gabi, as asked, does the decent thing and admits to the scope of her revenge, Chad is devastated. He goes off on her for not only watching him suffer for so long, but making him hate his own child, and hurting Thomas.

She tries to defend herself, but Chad’s not having it. He’s actually ready to call the cops right there, but Abigail apparently has some of the Christmas spirit and gives in to Gabi’s begging not to take away the one gift that Ari asked for that year. She tells Gabi to go enjoy Christmas with her daughter, while Chad insists that she’s going to face everything she did to them tomorrow.

Other ‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that Stefan, meanwhile, is not doing any better. He’s had a fit and destroyed some of the room. Ben happens to come in and gives him hell for destroying his kid’s gifts, but immediately sympathizes with his boss more upon learning that Charlotte isn’t Stefan’s. Stefan spends a lot of the episode drinking away his pain and apparently plotting a little revenge of his own. He asks Ben to help.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The triangle from Hell continues on DOOL…

Other DOOL spoilers relate that also today, we deal some more with the Ciara/Claire/Tripp situation, as well as Ciara’s relationship with Ben. Tripp gets upset about the gift Ben gave Ciara for Christmas and Claire is more than happy to follow him like the lovesick dog she is. Claire, of course, calls her out on it and for a moment, it looked like the Christmas peace was gone between them.

Especially since Claire wants to know why she should care, when Ciara is already going out with Ben. The pair actually talk things through, and Claire actually seems to admit that she can be selfish at times. I think Hell just froze over again, people. The bottom line of it is, Ciara realizes that she shouldn’t stand in the way of them getting friendly when she’s got someone else. She just wants to make sure that Claire is actually being a friend to him and thinking about what he may want or need first.

Speaking of Ben earlier, the date with Ciara is now off, as there’s something work-related Ben has to take care of. Considering we learn that work-related thing appears to be abducting Gabi so Stefan can “give” to her rather than “receive”, I see two things happening. One, I’m pretty sure that once Stefan’s finished with her (assuming she lives), people will feel so bad for her, she’ll get a pass on her sins. Two, Ben is so going to get screwed over trying to help the boss. Things are about to get rough here…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Other DOOL Spoilers

On a side note, new arrival Haley Chen is trying to lose herself in work while JJ continues to try helping her through whatever crisis made her want to swallow a bottle of pills. She’s not very receptive to his efforts, but he appears to be stubborn enough to keep trying.

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