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The 'Young and the Restless' Spoilers Monday, November 5 - If You Want Something, You Grab It - Recap

The ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Monday, November 5 – If You Want Something, You Grab It – Recap

The ‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers for Monday, November 5 are in and we have the show recap. “If you want something you grab it?, words of wisdom from Phyllis.

The Young and the Restless spoilers state that Monday’s Y&R starts at Jabot where Kyle is pacing back and forth while he waits for Phyllis. He has plans with Lola. Lola arrives and tells Kyle and Billy that they’ll meet when it’s convenient for her, and that a long night is up ahead. Phyllis details her plan to fill up the shelves while waiting for Kerry’s new products. Phyllis would like their boutiques to be a sort of woman’s haven. Meanwhile, Kyle says that he has already made plans with Lola and can’t cancel them. Phyllis is not pleased and makes it evident, but this makes Kyle walk out. Billy butts in and points out that Kyle’s in the ‘rosy part’ of a new love, and that Phyllis doesn’t understand what that means.

Y&R Spoilers Monday, November 5

Y&R spoilers for Monday, November 5 show that at the Club, Nick tells Nikki that he won’t be working things out with Sharon. Nikki comments that Sharon was very upset after she told him. Nick is surprised that she saw Sharon and asks her what they were doing. Nikki reassures Nick that they weren’t fighting. Arturo calls her and she takes the call, telling him that she’ll be coming right over with a check in hand. Nikki then tells Nick that she has faith he’ll be able to get over this and proceeds to hug him.

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers show that Nikki arrives at the park and gives Arturo the check. He then proceeds to walk her to her car. Meanwhile at the station, Sharon tells Rey that the break room food is not up to par and suggests that Lola should bring her truck over twice a week. Rey mentions that Lola is trying new recipes at his place tonight and Sharon accepts an invitation to join him there.

At Crimson Lights, Lola tells Tessa and Mariah that Kyle will help her taste different sandwiches upstairs. They assume that he’ll be meeting Rey, but she says he’s working and is unsure. Rey then shows up and tells Lola he that invited Sharon over to eat with them. Lola goes outside to send a text message. Sharon arrives, and Mariah asks her what type of message she’s sending Rey. Sharon decides to cancel, and tells Rey that she wants things to stay professional. Rey tells Lola, who then sends another text message.

Inside, Sharon finds out about Mariah’s “romantic” pumpkin, which she describes as adorable. Billy arrives and talks to Sharon about Phyllis. Sharon compliments him on overcoming his gambling problem and remarks that he’s in a better place now. He replies; “That’s what they say about dead people, Sharon.” But Sharon maintains he’s good and brave. Billy goes on some more about Phyllis. Y&R spoilers show that he concedes that he cheated in the past, and doesn’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but he thought they were supposed to get wiser as they got older. Sharon also goes on about her nemesis. Billy asks why she’s in a charity with Phyllis. Sharon insists that she made a commitment but Billy just can’t understand. They go over their past mistakes where Sharon notes that she made one with Billy. He shrugs it off, but Sharon believes she has changed.

Young and the Restless spoilers state that at Rey’s apartment, Lola gets Kyle buzzed and warns that he has to give actual opinions on the food. He gives her an apron that reads ‘Kiss the Cook’, proceeds to put it on her, and then kisses her just as as Rey enters the room. Rey remarks that the kid kissing his sister is the same kid who has a ‘thing’ for digging up graves. Kyle explains that his actions are regretful. Rey tries to test Kyle with a hot pepper. Lola thinks it’s too hot, but Kyle bites it anyways. He coughs and spits it out, meanwhile Lola rushes over with milk just as Rey smirks. Kyle worries about passing out while Rey gets a call from the chief and then leaves. Lola teases Kyle about committing suicide by a hot pepper in order to impress her brother, and she’s now afraid to kiss hi. When he’s able to go, he kisses her quickly while she grins.

At the coffee place, Billy thanks Sharon getting him about to speed about Phyllis and Nick. Rey then appears and Sharon asks what’s up. He says, “JT Hellstrom.” He says that unless he manages to find him in the next week, they’re going to be shutting him down. Sharon acts disappointed and let’s out; “That’s terrible news.”

At Jabot, Phyllis tries to reach Summer and tell her to return to the office, but no one answers. She then calls someone else and asks; “What do you think about some burgers and fries?”

Phyllis arrives at Dark Horse with takeout for her and Nick. She’s impressed by his office and the view. there Nick is impressed that she’s in the ‘big chair’ at Jabot, the CEO. Phyllis believes that she’s hitting her stride and Nick’s fine with her confidence. Talk turns to Sharon blaming him for a night when they were on a break, and not appreciating his drive. She thinks Sharon made him into a fairy-tale prince in her mind; ambitious, independent, and someone you don’t mess with. Phyllis also says, “If you want something, you grab it.” Nick then just kisses her. But he worries, “We can’t do this.” Phyllis thinks that they’re more than capable actually, since they’ve got nothing left to blow up but chooses instead to go back to work. She returns and Nick carries her into the office where they start kissing and undressing.

At the park, Arturo picks up the watch in the dirt. It has an engraving, ‘Love Mac’.

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