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'General Hospital' Spoilers - Sonny Never Had a Choice

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sonny Never Had a Choice

‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal that things are back to normal after Sonny’s “dream”. General Hospital aired a special episode on Monday, November 12 where Sonny imagined life had he never become a mobster. It might have presented a very compelling alternate reality, the dream is now over and we can move on the present story lines.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sonny Never Had a Choice

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that Sonny (Maurice Benard) realized, after his dream, that he never had a choice in the matter. Sure, he could have lived a very different life had he never banded with Scully and murdered Vincent Marino, but that was never to be. Bred into a life of misery, Sonny was essentially forced to join the mob as an escape from his miserable life at home.

This angle does humanize Sonny’s actions and path, and renders a cloak of relatability on Sonny the mobster. Essentially, because of his troubled past and lack of viable alternate choices, we’re left to almost feel bad for Sonny at works. At best, we totally understand why he did what he had to do. We are led to basically empathize with the mind of a criminal, even though we know that Sonny does bad things.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Margaux Coming to Grips With Reality

‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate Sonny has succeeded in what he set out to do: prove to Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) that her mother was the one that orchestrated her father’s death. Margaux didn’t want to believe it at first, but knew that there might be some truth to the story. Well, Sonny managed to drive the point home and Margaux is now left to deal with a reality that she never believed could be true.

Although enemies, the two have bounded in an odd way recently over this whole affair. And this comes even as we found out that Sonny is the one who finished the job! But Margaux doesn’t know the full truth just yet, will Sonny spill all of the beans?If you missed yesterday’s episode, you need to watch it. This angle will be further explored as we get deeper into November Sweeps.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Carly Still Prime Suspect In Murder Investigation

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that Carly (Laura Wright) is not let off the hook in Mary Pat’s (Patricia Bethune) murder investigation. She’s still prime suspect numero uno, and she doesn’t get why. She still think that if she’s a suspect, so should Ava. She’s trying to get a hold of Sonny, but Sonny’s not around. He went off with Margaux and didn’t come back, she’s worried. This is not the time when she wants to be left to her own devices, and she asks Jason (Steve Burton) to help her track down sonny. Jason obliges.

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