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'General Hospital' Spoilers - Sasha and Kiki Tension Escalates, Margaux Tough Nut To Crack

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sasha and Kiki Tension Escalates, Margaux Tough Nut To Crack

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that we’re in for a wild ride to end the week. Thursday’s episode was one for the books. Before we get into the details of what’s about to happen, let’s recap some of the important plots.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sonny Tells Margaux How It Is

‘General Hospital’ spoilers relate how Sonny (Maurice Benard) paid Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) a visit and had some interesting choice words for her. He went into a tirade about himself and how things are and are going to be, in true Sonny mafioso style. He warned Margaux not to get in his way because he’s not one to be messed around with. This is not Sonny’s first ride on the carousel, he’s been around for some time and knows how to play the game. He warns Margaux to be careful if she wants to take him down since she’s not the first, and most likely won’t be the last.

This might sound very confrontational, but Sonny said with a certain grace and tone that showed his budding like of Margaux. Still, he’s a smart cookie and is fully aware that he’s playing the game with a double-edged sword; no matter how much he might like Margaux, he always has to look out after what’s his. That’s just who he is, and that’s just the life that he’s been dealt. Sonny warns Margaux that he won’t put up with any mind games. But we all know that Margaux has a mind of her own.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Anna The Emotional Support Pillar

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers relate that Anna will continue her role as positive change driver. On Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ episode, ABC left us with a cliffhanger where Ava had strong words of wisdom for the people around her. Taking her motivational speaker role by the horns, she told everybody that change is possible, you just have to want it and work for it.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Week of  November 19 to November 23 – Sonny Keeps Working On Margaux

‘General Hospital’ spoilers hint that Sonny will keep working on Margaux next week. Sonny will try to get Margaux on his side but she’ll play hard to get. In fact, she will be hard to get. She will sit there and watch him as he attempts to put the Sonny charm on her, but she’ll prove a tougher nut to crack than Sonny is accustomed to.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sasha and Kiki Tension Escalates

In other ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, Sasha’s (Sofia Mattsson) ongoing war with Kiki’s (Hayley Erin) is just at its beginning stages. Kiki recently got confrontational and told Sasha that she her gig with Griffin (Matt Cohen) was up. Not long ago Kiki and Sasha were best pals and now or on a path of warring factions. As Kiki gets into Sasha’s face, Sasha will clap back. She’s not on to take slight lightly or to backdown from a fight. Expect sparks to fly as the two get into over Griffin.