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'General Hospital' Spoilers Monday, November 12 - Sonny "What If" Special In-Depth Analysis + Something Big Coming

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Monday, November 12 – Sonny Special Episode In-Depth Analysis + Something Big Coming

‘General Hospital’ spoilers for Monday, November 12 are in and today’s episode is all about Sonny. Dubbed the Sonny “What If” episode, the focus will be placed on what would have happened had Sonny never involved himself in a life of crime. Other ‘GH’ spoilers indicate that something BIG is around the corner. Here’s the scoop.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sonny “What If” Special

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that today’s episode is all about Sonny (Maurice Benard). According to Daytime Confidential, Sonny is the “centre of his own dreams”, which drives home the point very well. It was previously reported that the Sonny “What If” episode was slated to air on Thanksgiving day, but that was corrected. It is airing today.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Sonny’s Background Explored

So what if Sonny never became a mobster? Well, for one, the whole of Port Charles would be a different place today. Sonny was raised in Brooklyn, New York and had a very difficult childhood. He was abandoned by his father at an early age and even abused by his stepfather, Deke Woods. He eventually left home at the behest of his mother, Adela, and that’s when he turned to a life of crime. He met crime boss Joe Scully and the rest is history.

The central question of “what if” Sonny Corinthos never became embroiled in a life of crime is deeper than mere headlines and first reactions. It’s a question about life, choices, consequences, cause and effect, and so on. It’s easy to think about “crime” as something that’s purely “black”, but the reasons why it happens is what makes crime something “grey”.

‘General Hospital’ Fans’ Perception of Sonny

We don’t want to excuse Sonny and his actions, but it’s obvious that fans don’t hold his actions as black-marks against his character; he’s widely beloved by fans of the show. And much of this has to do with us, fans, understanding his actions from his perspective, even though most of us would loathe similar actions by pretty much anyone else. Of course, a lot of it has to do with charisma as well, but most of that “persona” was forged in the fires of his troubled past. At the end of the day, and for the many different reasons already listed, Sonny commands respect even as a loathsome criminal. That’s what’s fascinating about the whole “What If” angle.

‘GH’ Spoilers – Dominic Zamprogna Makes an Appearance

‘GH’ spoilers tease some special appearances today. For one, we know that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) should be making an appearance. In a tweet that went out yesterday, November 11, the official twitter handle of General Hospital tagged the popular actor. Fans were saddened by recent news that Zamprogna had decided to leave the show as his character was amongst the favourites.

In an interview with ABC Soaps in Depth, Zamprogna revealed that he had an anti-climatic exit from his GH set. He’s also working on a Canadian thriller called TIN FOIL. We wish Zamprogna all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him back in Port Charles at some point in the future. The city needs its moral guiding lights.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Something Big Is Coming

Other ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that something big is about to happen in Port Charles. In a short promo video, Sonny and Carly Corinthos are seen talking about something big coming but without providing further details. Sonny proceeds to end the sequence with a suggestive “wink”. The wink definitely means something huge is about to go down. So just what could it be?

‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate that the Sonny and Margaux angle is coming to a climax. Could it have to do with that? Quite possibly. But it’s unclear if that angle is big enough to be meaningful for Sonny’s wink of death. What are your thoughts, what could Sonny and Carly be possibly hinting at?

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