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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - You Say Goodbye, I say Hello: Week of Comings and Goings in Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – You Say Goodbye, I say Hello: Week of Comings and Goings in Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate a week of hellos and goodbyes in Salem. On Tuesday, November 20 we had a farewell, a hello, and tons of drama. If you missed the episode, here’s some highlights of what went down…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – November 20 Recap: Hello and Goodbye

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers previously reported that a new actor was to show up today. Chido Nwokocha arrived to help Paul (Christopher Sean) say goodbye to Salem, as he’s decided to nurse his broken heart (and injured body) with some time in San Francsico, taking part in an experimental treatment. He had previously decided not to do it so he could stay with Will (Chandler Massey). Since that’s not happening, he figured this is for the best. Chido plays Luke, a physical therapist who’ll be helping Paul with the move. He also happens to admire Paul a lot, both as an athlete  and personally for helping Luke have the courage to come out.

Obviously, John (Drake Hogestyn) is shocked by the sudden departure and we once again have to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance of Drake Hoegstyn? No matter what the situation John Black is dealing with, he does an incredible job, and we loved his interactions with Paul. He starts of playing into Brady’s desire to talk Paul out of it to realizing it’s for his own good seamlessly. I also loved the knowing looks he and Brady were giving after Paul’s escort turned out to be gay as well. They definitely see sparks flying, and I agree.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – End of the Road

‘DOOL’ spoilers also relate that the partnership between Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) and Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) appears to be over. Ben is furious at having been framed, and even madder that Claire helped the one who framed him by paying off Wyatt to confess. He doesn’t feel he can trust Claire at all, and he is not a fan of having to lie to Ciara (Victoria Konefal). At first Claire appears to be upset about this, and she definitely freaks out when Ben says he’s considering turning Tripp (Lucas Adams) in. She seems to have talked him down from that part, but she eventually relents on his assertion he won’t work with her anymore. She realizes that they might as well quit while they’re ahead. After all, with Ben spilling the beans about Tripp, Tripp will be ripe for some rebound action… I continue to assert Claire is annoying and a sociopath. She doesn’t seem to care about who she’s hurting as long as she gets what she wants. So, basically, she fits right in Salem.


Getting back to Tripp and Ciara’s part of this… she is horrified to learn he’d frame an innocent man, and furious that he flat-out lied to her the whole time. She lets him have it, saying that Tripp is the one who hasn’t changed, not Ben. He’s still framing people, just like he did to her Aunt Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). After a little more argument, Tripp is actually the one to say they’re finished. I wonder why on earth Ciara didn’t end it herself, but whatever.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Telling it like it is

Sheila continues to be a thorn in Abe’s (James Reynolds) side after having thrown up on his shoes, thanks to the food poisoning she mentioned yesterday. Since this proves she was telling the truth about why she missed being on time her first day, Abe apparently decides to let it go and asks her to take his shoes for cleaning, as well as fetch him some new ones. Sheila is thrilled to have a job still and promises he won’t regret it. Let’s just see about that…

Why? Well, while Sheila is gone running errands, Valerie (Vanessa A. Williams) arrives to tell Abe she’s been offered a Chief of Staff position in Washington, and she’s hoping he’ll want to come along. Abe says he can’t do that, as he has responsibilities as mayor and shoots down her idea at a long-distance thing. Valerie is upset and offended at the idea she has to give something like this up because he doesn’t want to be alone at night. She leaves just in time for Sheila to come back and notice there’s tension. She manages to talk Abe into telling her what’s going on. After he does, Sheila takes Valerie’s side (in a very blunt Sheila-like way) and Abe says she should go ahead and get back to the phones.

Side notes

Marlena’s on her way home from the hospital finally and Will is still trying to find Sonny, with no help from Victor. He apparently refuses to divulge the flight plan for the jet Sonny on.

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