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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Salem's Immiscible Sins About to Come to Light, Like Oil Separating From Water

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Salem’s Immiscible Sins About to Come to Light, Like Oil Separating From Water

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers relate that many of Salem’s sins are about to come light. Before exploring those, let’s take a look at what went down on Tuesday, November 27 on DOOL.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Tuesday, November 27 Recap: Salem’s Immiscible Sins Coming to Light, Like Oil Separating From Water

Today’s Days of Our Lives recap is in, so beware if you are averse to spoilers. A lot of Salem’s sins are coming to light, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Tuesday’s episode.


Breaks on ‘Days of Our Lives’ – What breaks?

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that people in Salem seriously can’t get a break. Just when Will and Sonny were about to go have a little private time, Leo (the con artist they thought Sonny killed defending Will) arrives to have a little fun. Turns out, they shouldn’t be in med school because he was alive but unconscious when they locked him in that trunk. After a lot of sarcasm and awesome commentary from Leo (including that critique of their doctor skills), he gets down to the point. Seems that Sonny had made a promise to marry him before it all went down and Leo expects Sonny to follow through. The look on Will’s face at that was, by the way, gold. I seriously can’t say enough about how awesome some of these actors are.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Ciara Makes a Choice

‘Days of Our Lives’ indicate that the episode actually started exactly where the last one left off. Ben coming across Ciara, who was about to go off for another ride (Girl, didn’t you learn what happens when you get on that thing when you’re emotional?) and reaches for something she dropped. They talk a bit, and Ciara is quite impressed with Ben letting Tripp off the hook like he did. She also feels bad for him and that something so horrible was done when he’s already having a hard time getting people to accept him. He says that Claire was right to talk (and talk too much—ha!) him out of it, because he thinks she is right about needing to forgive Tripp’s sin if he expects any forgiveness.

Their conversation also turns to her failed relationship with Tripp and its motivation. Specifically, they’re both aware by the end of the scene that she essentially chose Tripp because she thought she’d been proven wrong in defending Ben. This leads to a kiss and I am a happy camper, because I think he’s way better than Tripp, even with his past. Yes, I am aware this probably sounds messed up, but I’m also a fan of Narco Novelas and an author known to torture readers, so… take that as you will. But our next highlight may just throw some problems their way…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Ted’s Back

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that our lawyer friend has returned, supposedly kidnapped by Stefan and held for a while before managing to escape. He grabs at Hope, which makes her go on the defensive. Once she finds out who it is, she threatens to haul him in, because it’s technically assaulting an officer. Whatever, Hope. He begs for her help, because he fears for his life. Obviously, she assumes Ben is the bad guy, but he assures her that Stefan was the one, working under Kate’s orders. He admits to blackmailing Will and Sonny, but won’t say what he had on them. Hope isn’t impressed with his lack of details and suggests he just goes to the police station and file a report. He says he can’t, and promises to hand her evidence against Ben in order to secure her protection. That gets her attention…

Other ‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that Kate also confesses to some bad deeds after some prodding by Roman. Seems Roman wants to take down Stefan and needs some dirt to do it. While she doesn’t tell about Will and Sonny’s previous supposed murder of Leo, she does confess to being the brains behind the fake harassment suit and getting Stefan to make him disappear. Looks like all the secrets people have been keeping lately are about to come out…

‘DOOL’ – Other Notable Moments

Other notable moments: Kayla lays into Stefan for what he did to her husband, which leaves Stefan totally confused. She’s not buying it, but he insists he is innocent and makes a call to find out how that bionic eye captured classified info. We’ll see if he’s telling the truth or not. I kind of feel like he is, though. Stefan seems the gloating type.

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