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'Days of Our Lives' spoilers - Gabbi Goes Full-On Supervillain

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers – Gabbi Goes Full-On Supervillain

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers and recap for November 19 is in and it’s getting real in Salem this week. Let’s first take a look at some of the highlights for those who missed yesterday’s episode.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – November 19 Recap: The game’s over?

Gabbi arrives at Abigail’s room in Bayview, pretending to be concerned. She rambles on about caring about Abigail, their past, and how crazy Abigail’s accusations are. After all, who would hit themselves over the head with a tray? Excuse me while I head-desk. Abgail ain’t having it, though, and she finally ends up pushing hard enough for Gabbi to reveal the truth. Gabbi goes full-on supervillain, detailing what she did and how she did it. Abigail them loses it and attacks Gabbi, practically strangling her. Chad, however, arrives just in time to break it up. He’s smart enough to retrain Abigail and check Gabbi’s bag when Abigail insists the Gabby-with-a-Y wig is in there. He’s, however, not smart enough to think that maybe it could be hiding elsewhere and demand a full search of Gabbi and the room. After all, the wig was just laying on the floor, barely out of sight. Instead, Abigail ends up getting placed in a more secure room while Chad reams Abbi out for showing up there. She, of course, continues to play innocent and apologizes.

In other Chad news, seems Jennifer isn’t a fan after Chad’s double-cross that has left her unable to see her own granddaughter. She slaps him for what he’s done and gives him an earful about the monster who is now caring for baby Charlotte. Before he left for the psyche ward, she threw him out of her house and let him know he’ll have no say over Abigail and her life anymore.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The tangled web…

Tripp is freaking out over the possibility of Claire’s scheme falling apart. Wyatt, after all, isn’t considered the most strong-willed type and he’s afraid the guy will back out. Claire assures him that everything is under control. Yes, he had been about to break after Ben’s visit, but Wyatt’s been paid even more money to remain silent. She then does a Dr. Marlena impression by psycho-analyzing Tripp and making him admit what he did and that he’s not sorry for it. That Ben deserves to be locked up. She thinks all is well now, until she gets a bank notice on her phone. Seems Wyatt deciding the money wasn’t enough to get on the bad side of the necktie strangler (amazing what a rep can do) and has returned it.

Claire’s left to try and get in touch with Wyatt for an explanation when Ben comes across her path. Is it wrong I find her terrified looks and desperate attempts to play innocent hysterical? Seriously, this girl is so bad at this, she’s funny. I’m sure there will be plenty more coming tomorrow since Ben knows everything. Wonder if she and Tripp will end up sharing a holding cell over this one?

In other news, Ciara has demanded to know where Wyatt is and Ben says he left. He tells her everything, and Ciara is skeptical, but apparently is bothered enough to flat-out confront Tripp, who confesses the truth.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Never trust leftovers…

Finally, we spent some time with Sheila (as a TLC fan, I love seeing this character pop up) who has learned not to trust what’s in Eli’s fridge. Thanks to some bad oysters, she’s been fired for not showing up to her first day. Not only that, but when she shows up to explain, she gets sick right on Abe’s shoes. Yeah… I’m thinking she’s got a bright future there…

In other news, the illness led to missed calls and being underdressed. Of course, Lani gets jealous of the situation so you just know there’s more drama ahead.