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'Days of Our Lives' Recap for Wednesday, October 31

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap Wednesday, October 31 – Halloween Day Nightmare in Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap for Wednesday, October 31 is in and it was a real trip! It was the nightmare of one of the more entertaining residents I’ve met so far in Salem: Hattie Adams.

Nightmare in Salem Hospital

If you recall from the last recap, Hattie was brought in after Marlena ended up on life support to keep her kids from pulling the plug. While she was more than happy to assist Roman in pulling off the scam, she’s been a real headache for John, Kayla, and Roman. Between trapping John into marrying her for real, to sneaking out for burgers, and even getting caught dancing by Sami, she’s done nothing but up the risk of the wrong people finding out what they did.

Now that Marlena’s made a recovery for real, they made a good effort to get rid of her, but to no avail. Hattie is just as stubborn as ever. When the episode opens, we see Hattie crying out in obvious fear as John rushes into the room. She insists it was only a nightmare. John has news for her: since she won’t play their game, she’s leaving the hospital now, but there’s a catch. She is now trapped into playing Marlena indefinitely. Things quickly get worse throughout the episode, starting with Hope coming to see Marlena. She needs their help. The situation turns out to be a murder scene, with Kristen the victim. The triple six is painted on her, and Hope claims that she was found naked with other symbols. Hope suspects that maybe there’s a little demonic possession happening. Hattie, of course, has no clue what Hope is talking about and is horrified when John tells her how Marlena was once possessed by the devil.

The situation only continues to get worse, as John tells Hattie Abigail is in need of help, so they’ll be going to their house—and they’re staying. Hattie is irritated at the idea of having to play Marlena 24/7, but she ends up having no other choice unless she wants to return to Statesville. They go inside and Hattie stumbles through a hypnosis session where Abigail is hoping to find out who the true father of her child is. She fears one of her alters might have slept with someone else. Before they can get anywhere, a random parade of characters come charging in the house, each bringing more drama. The worst being Eli. He’s on a search that is going to lead him to the secret room where Kristen was staying. He can be heard yelling for someone to stop, then a shot rings out. When he emerges from the tunnels, Hattie is once more called upon to be a hypnotist so she can help Eli remember exactly who he saw down there.

The situation keeps getting worse, with Abigail going into labor. Since Hattie has no real training, Julie helped deliver the baby, who looks like Andre—the guy Abigail killed accidently. Then Andre shows up with Doctor Rolfe and takes the baby upstairs. Hattie is threatened, but swears she’s not Marlena. Hope also races in claiming to know who the killer is, but is made to believe she’s Princess Gina who wants a man. Specifically, John. She can’t have him, though, because of the marriage to Hattie. Then Gina is the one who wants Marlena gone. There’s a freaking hilarious bit where Hattie instills a little woman power in Gina (complete with She-ra reference! #80sGirlGeekOut) and the princess has decided she’ll be fine with just taking someone to her chambers for a little fun instead.

Once they finally get out of the insane asylum that is Stefan’s house, Hattie and John regroup at the pub, where she remembers Andrea saying a name and claiming the key to the murder is there. They play around with a word game and Hattie eventually spells out the name Anjelica Deveraux. She’s the killer, and the real victim was not Kristen, but her double.

There’s no time to figure things out, because Anjelica herself has arrived, and she’s not really Anjelica: she’s Satan and Satan wasn’t happy to lose Marlena’s soul all those years ago. She kills John and makes a move for Hattie, who she won’t believe isn’t really Marlena. After all, Hattie said she would swear on a stack of bibles she’s Marlena.

Hattie wakes up in bed, freaking out and realizing that being Dr. Marlena is definitely not all it might seem to be. John is relieved that she no longer wants the part.

Will this change of heart carry over to tomorrow, or be left in a Halloween-inspired stand alone? We shall see…

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