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'Days of Our Lives' Recap Tuesday, November 6 - Bonnie Parentage Saga In Full Swing

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap Tuesday, November 6 – Bonnie Parentage Saga In Full Swing

‘Days of Our Lives’ Tuesday, November 6 Recap is in. The whole ugly truth about Bonnie’s parentage is now out and is causing friction in Salem. Read the full recap below.

Missed today’s episode? No worries, I’ve got you covered. I’m here to break down some of the big happenings from Tuesday’s episode, so let’s get started.

‘Days of our Lives’ – The Baby Bonnie Saga

So, if you saw yesterday, you know that the whole ugly truth has come out regarding Baby Bonnie’s parentage. This led to a major issue between Rex and Sarah. She’s completely furious to find out that Rex slept with Mimi back in Chicago. When Rex returns to the house to try to talk to her, Sarah isn’t having it. He begs for her to tell him if there’s anything he can do to make things right again and explains how the mistake led to him realizing how much he really loves Sarah and wants to marry her still.

She’s incredulous by this reasoning. If he wanted to make things right at all, she wants complete honesty. She asks if this has happened before. When he looks at her awkwardly, she has her answer and slaps him silly. I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for her or not. After some more arguing, she decides that the fact he’s done this more than once (and she’ll have a permanent reminder in Emily, baby Bonnie’s real name) is too much to handle. She gives him back the ring and leaves.

‘DOOL’ recap – Mimi’s ill fate

Meanwhile, Mimi is still sitting inside the site of the ill-fated—I knew it—party when Lucas and Chloe come back inside. Chloe is out for blood, but Lucas is surprisingly cool. He doesn’t blame Mimi at all for what’s happened, even though Chloe has pointed out what a cruel, horrible thing Mimi did. Mimi apologizes several times and swears that she never wanted to go along with this, nor did she like doing it, but her mother didn’t give her a choice. It seems Lucas is still a much cooler person than many will be, because still no blame getting thrown. He just wants to hold the baby one more time before Mimi leaves with her. I remain convinced that Lucas is either going to be so heart-broken by this (and who can blame him) he’ll either leave down, or relapse hard and have to go away a while.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Other News

In related Bonnie news, it seems that Hattie’s Halloween nightmare has still had an effect on her, because she has agreed to go back to Statesville. When Bonnie comes back to visit her again and ask “Marlena” to vouch for her having a split personality or something else that can excuse her pulling a con, Hattie says she’s going back to prison. She has apparently turned over a new leaf and just wants to finish her time and move on from there. She suggests Bonnie come back with her, and after a lot of discussion, Bonnie decides to go along with it. She returns to where Mimi’s been staying and asks Belle (who is there with her) to handle the logistics of turning herself in. Mimi and Belle are, understandably, shocked and Bonnie actually seems to be sincere in also wanting to be better. We’ll see how that all turns out.

‘DOOL’ – The EJ Saga

So, now it’s proven that EJ is, in fact, the mystery patient and Marlena also now knows this. After a very entertaining scene where Belle thinks Marlena is Hattie, the truth comes out that and Belle begs forgiveness for what she did. Marlena says there is nothing to forgive, and they have a nice moment. While Belle is also making her apologies to John, Marlena and Sami discuss the EJ situation. Sami tells her mom about her fears that EJ won’t be the same, and Marlena tells her to keep faith, because she is alive today because John wouldn’t give up on her. Sami agrees and is thrilled to get a call that EJ has been accepted into a foreign facility that will get him excellent burn and psych care.

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