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'Days of Our Lives' Recap November - EJ Rescued (Again)

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap November – EJ Rescued (Again)

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap for November 8 is in and EJ is rescued again! Here’s the scoop of how things went down on DOOL if you missed it.

‘Days of Our Lives’ recap – EJ Rescued (Again)

So, the last episode we saw ended with Sami freaking out over finding EJ’s room empty. Apparently, she found Susan hiding EJ in the morgue yesterday and when this one opens, Susan is holding a scalpel at Sami, determined not to lose her son again. Sami handles the whole thing like a champ, eventually talking her down. She convinces Susan that letting EJ go to a facility in Italy is the best thing for him, and even offers to let Susan come and visit them. This apparently appeases Susan, and EJ is transferred back to the room to be checked out in anticipation of leaving for Italy.

‘Days of Our Lives’ – The Abbi Situation

The other plot, which we spend a little more time on, deals with Abigail and her marriage to Stefan. Chad is desperate to “save” Abigail, so he actually hires Ben Weston to help kidnap her because he believes it takes a monster to beat a monster. Ben is reluctant, but Chad lures him in with money, as Ben’s been panhandling for the daily caffeine fix. He insists, however, that no one dies and Chad says, “we’ll see.” Chad, you’re sounding a little monster-like right now so I think you might wanna lay off Ben…

They make their way to the mansion, where Abigail has been talking with Kate. Kate appears to be there on Gabi’s behest, because Gabi completely flips when she finds out Chad’s plan and begs him to not do it. All her desperate phone calls go unanswered, however, because Kate is trying to stick to the plan. She talks Abigail into sitting with some tea to hash things out, and I spend most of the rest of this episode thinking that Abigail is the dumbest woman alive if she drinks that.

‘DOOL’ – Kate and Abigail

Especially after she leaves the room a minute to deal with a bodyguard who is keeping away unwanted guests. By the time she comes back, Kate has already drugged her drink. Kate’s phone, of course, keeps on ringing and Abigail finally tells her to just go answer it already. Kate does, quickly getting rid of Gabi without finding out why she called, then silences the phone. This has given Abigail plenty of time to switch the tea cups (so she’s smart after all) and they continue their talk, with Kate getting groggier by the minute.

While all that is going on, Ben is making short work of the bodyguard and Stefan, who’s just returned from visiting the hospital after hearing about EJ. Stefan, by the way, is out of luck in getting more cash. Apparently, Sami doesn’t consider the shape EJ is in to be good enough to hand over the rest of the money she offered in exchange for an address. Anyway, now that Stefan has been knocked out, too, Chad dismisses Ben and sneaks into the house. He runs into Abigail, who demands to know how he got in.

‘Days of Our Lives’ – The Wedding Re-do

A little side plot to all this drama is that Belle, Sami, and others are conspiring to throw an actual wedding now that John has had the marriage to Hattie annulled. They all gather at the square and Marlena and John finally exchange vows. In my house, the husband was telling them they’d better hurry up their emotional speeches to each other because with the way this show’s been going, taking your time offers a chance for trouble. They actually do take some of his advice, with John telling the mayor to just get to the good part.

The impromptu ceremony goes off without a hitch, and Sami says her goodbyes one-by-one to the guests, reminding Paul that he better take care of Will. It looks like not only has Sami and Susan’s relationship been repaired, but the one between Sami and Belle, too. If this is truly it for Sami for a while, I’m sort of going to miss her. They better have some scenes with her dealing with Susan in Italy, because anyone dealing with Susan is comedy gold.

Days of Our Lives

Finally, the episode ends on a sweet note. Marlena had mentioned during the ceremony how she wanted to get married at the memorial plaque for Tom and Alice Horton because they were such a great example of marriage to her. The shot goes from Marlena and John sharing a moment after everyone else has left to the memorial plaque.

This fades into the late Frances Reid, who played Alice, coming on to introduce herself and say that it’s hard to believe how much time has passed since that first episode. They play a brief clip of Tom and Alice discussing their kids all being gone, then comes back to the actress thanking the fans, some who’ve been there since the beginning. As a new convert, I have no real context for the characters, but it was still really cool to watch. I love shows that embrace their history like that.