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'Days of Our Lives' Recap Friday, November 2 - DNA tests that will rock Salem!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap Friday, November 2 – DNA tests that will rock Salem!

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap for Friday, November 2 is in and what a way to end the week that was! The week ended with a big cliffhanger, as two different DNA tests come back. One of which has some potential to bring a party down big-time. Let’s take a look at how it went down….

Awkward much?

Sami and the Baby Bonnie situation took centerstage today, with both Sami and Chloe going to Kayla to rush some DNA tests. For Sami, she wants to know if the mystery patient is really EJ, while Chloe is hoping to prove that Baby Bonnie isn’t Lucas’. Her reasoning? He’s already getting too attached, and she doesn’t want it to get worse if her suspicions are right. It would break his heart. Personally, I also feel there’s a little renewed high school rivalry and a secret hope that her man doesn’t have a baby mama—just saying.

Mimi has continued through the episode to give her mother hell, because let’s face it: Bonnie ain’t doing anyone any favors right now. I actually laughed out loud when Bonnie asked Mimi if she would really screw up her own shot at freedom. The answer? Girl, you have been excelling at that. Her horrible con job with this makes me wonder how she’s ever pulled off a successful one. Her obvious disinterest in the baby is just one of many mistakes. And that obvious fantasy of getting back with Lucas she’s harboring is pathetic at best.

Days of Our Lives

This whole situation gets a little more complicated later in the show. Maggie is holding an engagement party to celebrate Rex and Sarah and she’s invited a small, close circle that includes Lucas and the baby. As Rex and Sarah are arriving for the party, Mimi and Bonnie show up for a dinner that Bonnie has (badly) conned out of Mimi because she’s clearly only taking mom to shut her up, not that she really believes that low blood sugar thing. Anyway, they share an awkward moment that Sarah seems completely oblivious to because she invites the pair to come to the party after learning Rex and Mimi are old friends. Yeah, this is going to go well…

We don’t see any fireworks in this episode, but it looks like we’re going to next time. Lucas, seeing Bonnie there flips out and wants her gone. Kate offers to take care of it and points out this is a private party. Bonnie seems to take a lot of glee in pointing out there were invited, so they are able to stay. Meanwhile, Sarah has now been filled in on the fact that Mimi and Rex were an item before, and that Mimi’s mom is suing for custody of the baby. She apologizes for inviting them and offers to take care of it, but Rex tells her not to. I have a feeling he’ll regret that.

In the midst of all the happy toasts (Bonnie seemed particular over the one about Lucas and the baby), Chloe comes walking in the door with a packet in hand. This woman has no sense of timing. Like, seriously. There’s a time and place for bad news, and someone’s engagement party ain’t it.


In some other quick news today, Belle’s feeling the strain of having to maintain the lie when she runs into Lucas, who is not having her excuses, thanks. He also calls her out on what a horrible sister she’s being to Sami by seeming to ignore her sister’s current drama. Belle actually shows some guilt and goes to make things right (at least for now.) They’re talking when Kayla returns with the results.

Stay tuned to see what happens Monday…

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