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Days of Our Lives Recap and Spoilers November 9 - Abigail's DID Back?

Days of Our Lives Recap and Spoilers November 9 – Abigail’s DID Back?

‘Days of Our Lives’ November 9 recap is and another week is in the books filled with crazy plots and outlandish characters. Let’s get right to it and see how it all ended up

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap and Spoilers – Abigail’s Drama

‘Days of Our Lives’ Abigail is a character we go back and forth on. It’s as if she’s simultaneously the smartest character in this whole plot and the dumbest. Honestly, if she had just gone and gotten checked out as she’d should have to prove her wellbeing, she wouldn’t have had to marry Stefan and end up getting kidnapped by Chad. This is totally on her at this point.

At the same time, she’s the only one who can see through Gabi’s “I’m so innocent and concerned” act and almost proved it. Unfortunately, Abigail had to leave the room and get dragged off by Chad. She even points out that Kate tried to drug her and blames Chad for not having proof now. Chad doesn’t seem concerned with this, obviously convinced that she’s sick and needs to be institutionalized. I think they could have proved the point by going back, but it wasn’t to be.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Is Abigail’s DID Back?

Abigail and Chad argue about whether her DID is back and what each one should be doing, should they really love each other. Chad is actually moved enough to tell her she’s right. If she doesn’t want help, he can’t force it. He is about to let her go when Abigail suddenly goes into labor. Or says she is, anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Stefan has woken up and goes inside. He wants to know what the hell Kate is doing in his house, and I wanna know where Mr. Bodyguard is. Shouldn’t he be awake by now, too? Going inside to check things out? Kate tries to play innocent, but Stefan isn’t buying it. He thinks Kate helped Chad kidnap his wife, and he ain’t going to take it. He leaves to file a report with the police, while Kate is relieved that Chad didn’t catch her.

Enter Gabi. She’s panicking because Kate still hasn’t returned her calls and goes to the mansion to find out what happened. She gets in (where are you, bodyguard?) and Kate tells her that Abigail is on to them. She goes on to say how she was drugged when Abigail switched their teas and spent the night on the couch. Which makes me wonder how she got there. She passed out on the other chair… Anyway, Gabi is still obsessed with revenge and is determined to win. She informs Kate they’re just going to have to do something else, but Kate wants no part of it. She blows off any threats by saying she’s over being told what to do, and they can both threaten each other at this point, so why bother? Gabi tries to get Kate back on her side, but Kate ain’t having it. She suggests Gabi clean that tea glass real good and get rid of the bag that has the Gabby-with-a-y wig in it. Gabi doesn’t look happy. Especially later, when Stefan comes back from filing his report (I cracked up at Kate and Rafe’s reactions, btw, to having to do real work instead of trying to put away an innocent guy. #TeamBen).

DOOL Recap Continued – The Case of the Unethical Official or Ben’s Vindicated

Have I mentioned again how over Hope I am, and wonder how her biased self still has a job? She seems to get way too personal with every case, and ya know, half-assed a search for a real attempted murderer to focus on the non-existent case against Ben. Said case gets another blow when she finds out from their witness Ben was not the one who bought the accelerant, so he clearly did not plant the evidence. They talk about it a bit and realize there is only one guy who’d be that invested: Tripp. They go to ask him some questions, and Tripp clearly looks nervous.

‘Days of Our Lives’ – What Ethics?

Also today, we had the continued attempts by Claire to get between her supposed BFF and Tripp. I personally think Ciara should let her have him. The guy’s already kissed Claire twice. Anyway, she’s still plotting with Ben and seemingly offended by the questioning of the ethics behind this. I say she protests too much, and I’m looking forward to her plot failing. And it will totally fail.

Despite Ben and Ciara being friendly, Ciara continues to insist she’s got a boyfriend. Besides that, Tripp is no suspicious after he finds out that Claire lied about whose idea it was to help Ben find a job. Tripp had just asked Claire about it when Hope and Rafe showed up to question him.