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'Days of Our Lives' Monday, November 5 Spoilers and Recap - November Sweeps In Full Swing In Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ Monday, November 5 Recap – November Sweeps In Full Swing In Salem

‘Days of Our Lives’ Monday, November 5 recap is in and November sweeps is in full effect on Days. We start with a mini recap of the probably-ill-fated engagement party, and I continue to marvel at how over everything Bonnie seems. Chloe’s just walked in and said she has something to tell Lucas.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Monday, November 5 Recap

While they’re talking, the party guests all wonder what on earth Bonnie and Mimi are doing there. Kate suggests it’s because Sarah has no sense. Off to the side, Mimi and Bonnie argue a bit over being there, as Bonnie is about to get a drink. She reminds her that things get worse when she’s drinking.

Meanwhile, Chloe is still desperately trying to get Lucas alone. She finally manages to pull him aside, and Mimi sees this. She immediately goes to Bonnie and tells her they need to leave now. I’m sure that will totally work.

Mimi wants to take off with baby Bonnie and Chloe sees it, rushing over to ask what the hell she’s doing. I’d like to know when Chloe will stop being annoying. Chloe tells Lucas in front of them after they argue over having the baby at a party with drinking that the child isn’t Bonnie’s. It’s really Mimi’s. Mimi tries to turn things around by pointing out she can’t have kids. Chloe wants an explanation for the results, then.

‘DOOL’ Monday, November 5 Recap – Continued

Maggie and Kate are, understandably, confused. Chloe explains that she ran a test because of Bonnie’s suspicious behavior. Lucas isn’t taking this well, and Kate goes off on Mimi for for being part of the scam. Bonnie actually defends her daughter, and Lucas now knows for a fact the baby isn’t his. I, meanwhile wonder if Hell just froze over. Back in Salem, It’s now Maggie’s turn to go off on Bonnie for playing with people’s lives all the time, and I’m impressed Maggie can actually get down like that. I haven’t seen her angry before.

The fight gets ugly, but Bonnie is confident. Until, that is, Roman points out that a deal based on lies isn’t valid. The fighting escalates, and everything comes out into the open, including Rex’s hookup with Mimi. Sarah is furious at the revelation, and storms out. Roman and Kate basically read Rex the riot act for not only cheating on Sarah like that, but apparently not being smart enough to use protection. Can you feel the love in that room?

Chloe apologizes to Lucas, while Maggie sympathizes with Sarah over how badly the night went. I’m pretty sure there are not going to be any more parties in Salem for a while…

‘Days of Our Lives’ – In Other News

In other Days of Our Lives news, Victor wonder yet again what he did to deserve this as Susan comes in the room with a snack. He suggests she enjoy it somewhere else—like Uganda. I don’t think I’ve mentioned I love this guy? Such a grouch! He’s fun. Susan apologizes, saying she thought he’d be at the party. He says the only place he’d rather not be is with her before asking when Susan is moving out.

Susan asks what happened to the ancient Greeks thinking that hospitality is scared, and Victor is impressed she said something even remotely sensible, but asks her how much he can pay her to go away. Susan believes an Elvis movie marathon is the cure for Victor’s mood, but a chance sighting of a mummy on TV causes a vision that Elvis is alive.

He thinks Susan is referring to the singer and suggest getting on the first plane to Graceland. She says she means her Elvis, and Victor confesses that he’s recovering from burns in a hospital. He lays out the whole story, as he figures that Susan has the right to know. I’m guessing he’s just hoping she’ll race right out the door and camp out in the hospital.

DOOL – More DNA tests

And finally, Sami is still fretting over the DNA results that will prove whether or not she recused EJ. She’s totally nervous about it, scared it’s not him. She asks Belle to stay while she reads them.

Before Sami can open the results, Belle admits to being wrong to blame her for the shooting, and how she blamed Sami for Marlena being hospitalized. She won’t apologize, but she does say she wishes she’d been there for Sami more. Sami shows she’s a much better person than Belle by telling her she doesn’t blame her at all. She’s made too many mistakes. Belle suggests they open the results with their mother, but Sami tries to talk her out of it. Belle knows something isn’t right, and Sami confesses it’s not Marlena in that room.

Belle is shocked about Sami’s revelation, but Sami begs her not to be mad because their mother is alive now. Belle thinks she should have known right away. She can’t believe that she didn’t figure it out sooner. She tells Belle the important thing is that their mom is okay, and Belle says she needs a little time to process it. She suggests Sami just open the envelope now.

Sami’s test proves it is EJ. Sami is relieved, yet fretting that he might not remember her. Belle assures her that no one could forget her. Belle demands to see their mother, and won’t take no for an answer. As they head to Marlena’s room, they talk about Susan and Sami says EJ doesn’t need to have to deal with her right now. Of course, the episode ends with Susan opening EJ’s door after being obviously angry Sami didn’t tell her when they spoke.

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