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Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott, Young and the Restless Spoiler October 29

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers Monday, October 29 – Ashley Leaves Genoa City

‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers for Monday, October 29 suggest that these will be Ashley Abbott’s last scenes in Genoa City. Fresh off her recently announced departure, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) is departing GC for greener pastures. Y&R spoilers suggest that there will be tearful goodbyes and emotions will be amped up.

Ashley’s Last Moments in Genoa City

Ashley’s announcement rocks the town – in fact, the Abbott family is incredibly perplexed and will try to make her stay by telling her to name the price. Outside of being CEO, of course, since that didn’t work out too well. Regardless, they’ll attempt to convince her but she’ll remain steadfast in her decision; she is leaving Genoa City and her family behind and will seek greener pastures else.

Of course, we do know that Eileen Davidson is seeking to spend more quality time with her family, but you can never shut the door to a comeback as rumours are already swirling that Ashley Abbott might be back sooner rather than later! Young and the Restless spoilers suggest emotional adieus and even a last dash attempt by Ashley to get Abby (Melissa Ordway) leave town together.

Jack Drops Blood Abbott Clause Bombshell!

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is feeling pretty remorseful these days. He actually apologizes to Ashley, and says he regrets all the things he’s done to make her feel unwelcome. He even goes as far as admitting that Ashley was just as responsible for the Blood Abbott Clause as Phyllis!

Ashley forgives Jack, but it doesn’t matter – she’s made up her mind to go. At least she and Jack can let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet, for now.

As Ashley sips on champagne admiring Genoa City one last time, Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) makes her appearance in GC. What’s that saying, out with the old, in with new? Both literally and figuratively, but fans have been sounding out on the internet about the recent changes on Y&R – Ashley clearly has a loyal army of followers and some people are critical about the Rosales taking over the whole gig!

Mia Rosales – Trouble From the Start

Mia Rosales creates tensions as soon as she sets foot in Genoa City! Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) andand Arturo Rosales (Jason Canola) will get into it, and it will be due to Mia. Mia is Rey’s estranged wife and their history seems to be murky. We know that Rey wanted to escalate the relationship and have kids, something Mia refused to do. She seems to be a character and will position herself in the middle of family feuds right from the get go. It will be up to Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) to make an attempt at family peace but she’ll have her work cut our as Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) uncovers family information concerning Rey. Barely a day in, Mia will find herself right in the thick of the drama.

Y&R Spoilers – Phlick Back?

Young and the Restless spoilers hint Phyllis and Nick will begin a dangerous flirtation. Even though they had a reconciliation of sorts, Phyllis Abbott is not able to move past Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) sleeping with her daughter, Summer Newman (Hunter King). Y&R Spoilers suggest that Nick will turn out to be a very comfortable shoulder to lean on during these difficult times. That what will start out to be but naive flirtation could escalate into something more carnal down the line. Phlick could be back in the thick.

Other Y&R Spoilers

A water leak at Chancellor Park will force the removal of the statue placed above JT Hellstom’s (Thad Luckinbill) grave. Nikki will use this as an opportunity for the group to move J.T.’s body. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that the blackmailer’s identity will be revealed as we’re closing in on Halloween and moving into November.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa Porter (Cat Fairbanks) decide to escalate their relationship by living together. Tessa has dark secrets and Mariah is unaware, but if we know one thing it’s that Halloween week is the perfect time for secrets to get unearthed – so get ready for a possible bombshell on this front.

Nick Keeps Courting Sharon

Nick and Phyllis might have a possible thing in the works, but that doesn’t stop Nick Newman from continuing his pursuit of Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). He will attempt to leverage their children as a way to get back with her. Sharon will cede, but will mention that it’s only for the children. Tensions will escalate and Nick will attempt anything to win Sharon back.

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