‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Friday, October 26 – Ana Hamilton BACK! + More Rosales News

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday, October 26 suggest that Devon (Bryton James) will soon get a blast from the past. As he’s been dealing with a lot including the death of his wife Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and their unborn child, Devon welcomes a familiar face. Our sources were buzzing around that Y&R has auditioned for the role of his sister Ana Hamilton, last portrayed by Jamia Simone Nash.

Ana Hamilton – Walk Down Y&R Memory Lane

Ana Hamilton joined The Young and the Restless‘ Genoa City in 2008 accompanied by Tyra Hamilton, her supposed mother. Ana is a talented singer, which shocked her cousin, Devon Hamilton. One of Y&R‘s plots back then was Ana being afraid that Tyra was going send her to school in New Hampshire to get rid of her. Tyra didn’t, and even convinced her otherwise when she decided to go to New Hampshire along with Ana. Ana eventually dropped out of school and ran away from Tyra to be with Devon, but Tyra followed her back. The two reunited and stayed in Genoa City. Soon after their arrival, Yolanda filed a missing persons report on Ana. Ana was put in temporary foster care while the Winters family and Tyra tried to find a way to bring her home. To summarize, Tyra ended up getting legal custody of Ana in one big messy, convoluted affair. Are you happy to see Ana back in Genoa City?

More Rosales on Young and the Restless

More Rosales are joining the show, announced Soap Opera Digest. We are pleased to announce that Noemi Gonzales will fill the role of Mia Rosales, with her first airdate on Y&R starting as early as November 12. Who is Mia and what can character will she be? She is Rey’s wife for one, but we don’t have answers to the burning questions about her character. We  eager to find out soon enough, though!

Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) has spoken about his wife many times on the show, setting up her eventual premiere already. He has been quoted as stating that their relationship is “complicated” on some occasions. Of course, the reason Ray’s wife hasn’t yet been Y&R is because they are separated and haven’t been together in some time. We’ll find on the Young and the Restless‘ November 12 episode just what kind of a piece of work his estranged wife really is!

One other hint that his wife might be a little more than a piece of work is when Rey told Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) that he wanted he to have kids with Mia and was looking to build  a loving family. Mia just wasn’t on board. How is Sharon going to play it now the she finds herself in the middle of this situation? All burning questions that we can’t wait to have the answers for!

Y&R Fans Ready For More Rosales Family?

Well, it’s official: More Rosales are joining The Young and the Restless. Fans have opened to the idea with mixed emotions, some even vehemently denouncing the show’s change of direction and the taking of time of way from the classic characters. Not everyone is on board, and some fans have even suggested that the Rosales take over could change the DNA of the show.

What do you think, do you feel there are just too many Rosales on the show? Do you like the direction the show is taking recently?

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