‘The Young and the Restless’ Preview For the Week of October 22

The Young and the Restless Preview for the week of October 22 portrays a week full of action-packed drama up ahead. Things are coming to a boil on Y&R next week and it looks like everyone will be against Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) next week. 

Mysterious documents

Kyle (Michael Mealor) discovered the mysterious documents in the safe and the secret contained therein is rumoured to have enormously grave consequences for the Abbotts – will this be the end of the Abbott clan? Is this the moment the Abbotts are finally shown to be as ruthless and deceitful as the Newmans? Many fans seem to think so judging by the reactions on Social Media.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) might  finally be able to see how Jack mistreated her mom. Will this change anything in their relationship?

Social media is abuzz with some even calling the recent turn of events “the best storyline of the year”. Some more comments:

“Okay now that’s going to be a biggy, What are those papers all about, Why are Jack and Kyle wanting to shred them, ???? What all did Dina pull years ago and not just about Ashley’s birth right but its definately something to do with Jabot ???? And where’s Victor with his input ???? And is Nikki aware that she has to pack lightly before she’s off to prison ????????????”

“I’m so sick of Traci! Ashley does not deserve nothing, she was gone for along time so how could John and Dina sign something like that when Ashley and Jack both said she left when they were young,Dina was not their when Ashley became a chemist and Ashley was back and forth for years so who was developing for jabot when she was back and forth. These writers need to go and visit their archives cause this does not make sense they should have wrote this another way. But give it to her and let it go,she still won’t be happy cause her jealousy for Jack is always gonna be their,she standing there smiling but that’s gonna destroy her dads company Jack will eventually move on but the company will be gone and that maybe a good thing.”


We will soon find out on Y&R, it’s sure to be an exciting week coming up with lots of bumps and bruises and damaged egos. Stay tuned on Daily Soap Dish as find out more of what’s going.

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