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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers - Don Diamont, Bill in Coma, Quinn and Pam fight War of the Portraits

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday, October 26 – Head-On Collision and Portrait Wars!

The Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers suggest that the Bill and Ridge don’t like each other and their contempt for each other is about to spill over as they both let their rage take over their better senses!

B&B spoilers also suggests that Ridge will have an awakening and realize that he perhaps he let his bitter thoughts cloud his judgment and that could have led to problems with his wife, and even compromised his marriage!

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Pam and Quinn are at odds with each other and a portrait

Quinn vs Pam – Portrait Wars. Eric stuck in the middle.
Eric (John McCook) continues to have his hands full between his wife – and Pam (Alley mILLS) – especially after Quinn’s unthinkable move.

Quinn is standing firm in her corner even though she was wrong while Pam is coming at her from angles as they continue their tussle. Eric (John McCook) is having a hard dealing with his wife and Pam (Alley Mills) during this whole ordeal – he really is in a pickle, stuck between the two warring females. Stuck in the middle, he’ll have to choose which side he wants to be on – will go with his wife Quinn or will he side with Pam? On one hand, he will have to face the desctruction of his wife’s fury if sides with Pam, there might not be any coming back from that. On the other hand, he could get what he wants by siding with Quinn. He’s a man torn, torn between two ladies that are at war with each other, and B&B spoilers say that he’ll have to cede soon because he just can’t take much longer.

Other Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Katie confronts Thorne about the possibility of Will’s father dying. She tellS him off that he was wrong and had no business getting into a tussle with Bill. She might be with Thorne, but she does share a son with Bill after all and if Bill dies Thorne and Ridge will have hell to pay – that she promises him!

But Thorne could care less, he even in fact even sneaks into Bill’s room. The motives are vague, has he finally come to his senses and realized that he was in the wrong? Or does he just want to twist the dagger even more keenly into Bill’s heart?

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