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'Days of Our Lives' Tuesday, October 30 Recap and Spoilers - Team Abigail Strikes

‘Days of Our Lives’ Tuesday, October 30 Recap and Spoilers – Team Abigail Strikes

‘Days of Our Lives’ Recap for Tuesday, October 30 is in. If you missed the episode today (or just love reading Days of Our Lives recaps), here are some highlights:

Team Abigail Strikes…

I’ve been going back and forth on Abigail (she totally played into Gabi’s hands through this whole thing lately), but I had to admit that she’s pretty hardcore right now. Apparently angry that Chad and Jennifer believe her DID is back and fearful they’ll commit her, she’s gotten a quickie divorce from Chad and married Stefan. He even shows off the documentation to prove it. Chad’s hurt, but Abigail doesn’t care, because she thinks he should have believed her. Even mom isn’t immune to Abigail’s lack of you-know-what’s to give in this situation. To get them to go away, Stefan threatens to call security on them and Abigail thanks Stefan for his help.

Owning it…

So, now Rex, Maggie, and Sarah have all found out that Nicole died in the explosion, thanks to Eric. He’s feeling guilty, which is deserved, because he’s the one who blackmailed her to leave. He even says as much. In his upset, he even goes to Eve (who I really want to smack most of the time) and says as much. Eve, predictably tells him that Kristen and Xander are the ones responsible for this situation. Way to try and absolve yourself of the losing-the-kid guilt there, Eve. Go away, please. This was, of course, after they fight about him leaving with Kristen, but he swears he only did it to get some answers regarding EJ’s fate.

On a side note, Eric’s feeling guilt for leaving Nicole in that building, and has doubts he’ll be able to handle caring for Holly. Sami’s told him that he shouldn’t, because he would have died, too, and the child needs him. Plus, it was Nicole’s wish, so he should honor it.

Is he or isn’t he?

Sami’s stressing this episode because she doesn’t know whether or not the man she rescued is really EJ. It doesn’t matter at the moment, though, because she’s decided she’ll stick by the man’s bedside until she gets some answers. She’s conflicted, because she doesn’t want this to be someone else, but he’s so severely injured, she’s afraid to have it really be EJ and lose him. She begs Kayla to give it to her straight. The news isn’t good, because their mystery patient is burned so severely that it’ll be hard to recognize him and his risk of infection is very real. With getting fingerprints not on the table, Sami wants to see if they can do a DNA test, and Kayla says a blood test shouldn’t be a problem. They just need DiMera DNA to compare it to. The mystery patient has a low blood pressure emergency while they talk, and Sami refuses to stay out of the room. Once the crisis has passed, she swears to (possible) EJ that she isn’t going anywhere and he’s going to get the best care possible.

What’s in store for the rest of the week? Who’ll pop in and pop out? Stay tuned…